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  pug-boy 23:17 08 Jan 2003
  pug-boy 23:17 08 Jan 2003

Hi guy's, new to this forum, so please be kind.

I have read a lot of what has been said on the pages about Mesh and believe that most of the problems that customer have is due to the lack of communication internally.

I am speaking from experience.

I was an employee.

I would like to hear your thoughts though.

I do believe their systems are excellent, as I previously worked for Dell. I think it is all down to your luck who you get to deal with your enquiry. If you get a [email protected] advisor, then you will get [email protected] service.

Myself and my colleagues who worked closely all gave our 100% effort, but alas this is no more.

  Lú-tzé 23:24 08 Jan 2003

They must be good to be in the business so long - relatively speaking. If a component fails, it is not their fault; if the service necessary to rectify the fault is poor, then it is often they who are at fault.

That is why I am pleased with FE's new year resolution to ban any posting which calls an outfit "cowboy traders".

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:30 08 Jan 2003

pug-boy, you no doubt like anyone else who has ever worked, will be aware that you can only do so much within the constraints of a company. You can't change the world doing your job.

Mesh have sold me a computer that I've not had problems with and there support seems to have been fine.

Communication is a problem in most if not all companies and if you could solve that one you would be making millions.

I don't think they are any worse than any other company. If they really were they wouldn't be here today.

  pug-boy 23:35 08 Jan 2003

I wouldn't say they were/are the best. It's just that a lot of manufacturers just now are feeling the pinch and cracks start to appear.

I'm really chuffed for you, Sir Radfordin, as you obviously have a good system.

But taking calls from annoyed customers and finding out their problems are due to an advisor who couldn't give a damn, is pretty soul destroying.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:52 08 Jan 2003

I fully understand that last sentence. The number of times I've heard "X said he would do that" and it doesn't get done is unbelivable. It makes doing a good job very hard as you fight against those who can't be bothered.

Unfortunatly those who are good at support often end up doing something else so you get people who are not so good doing it.

I agree. I bought a Mesh 2 years ago and found most of the sales staff dissapointed in some way.

From advisors who did not seem interested in answering my questions. To an inability to give a delivery date (it was finally delivered on the one and only day I asked them not to deliver it! I was not informed if despatch). I definately got the impression that once I signed up, they considered the order a done deal, lost interest and stopped paying attention.

On the plus side however, the pc was fantastic. Easy to get started, well screwed together, reliable, and a great warranty. The technical help I received for a fault (software related) was also delivered promptly and was thorough.

In my experience, the positives with Mesh vastly outweigh the few niggling negatives. I would happily recommend them to others and will consider them again when the time comes.

  Pappyon 15:37 09 Jan 2003

I have a MESH PC just over a year old, and while I have criticised the standard of their Customer Support in the past I think their machines are terrific value for money, and very well built with first class compononents and hardware, and I would buy from them again and thoroughly recommend them, but then again my machine was built in Edinburgh, and I believe they shut that facility down. Apart from the machine itself the customer service I received from Edinburgh was first class in every respect!

  accord 17:21 09 Jan 2003

i took delivery of a Mesh PC in December and had a technical issue, the guy on the end of the phone was damn right rude and obnoxious. T*ser. Still the pc is working fine now with help from this forum and trial and error on my part.

  Kadoka 23:55 19 Jan 2003

Pug-Boy where did you exactly work with MESH?? or would you rather not say?

I have to be honest I when I bought my PC from MESH, I got excellent service.... I bought it through the sales office in Edinburgh. Shame the PC never worked when I recieved it so many faults it was I asked for a refund and evently recieved it and bought from EVESHAM...but thats not your fault!

The Advice I recieved was good and they obviously know their stuff!

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