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  HondaMan 10:48 22 Jan 2010

Ah! I bet I know what you are all thinking - not again.

I ordered my new Mesh on 18th January, fast build track as I needed it urgently and it arrived on 21st January, admittedly to a neighbour's address, but that was because I was not in. Unpacked it this morning switched on. Bingo Win7Pro fires up, takes me through the setup routine and off we go. I still have all my applications to install, and that will take some time, but apart from that it's up and running.

Having done a lot of research on this and other sites I ordered with a fair degree of trepidation bearing in mind all the negative stories about Mesh but at the moment at least I am one of their fans. The deciding point was the quality and choices available to me in customising the machine.

The machine is quick, i7 860 with 8GB ram and 2 X 1500GB hdds, blu-ray re-writer and the usual dual layer cd/dvd re-writer and quiet and I don't think the build and delivery time could be bettered.

My contact at Mesh was Omid Movahhed a very helpful gentleman

Well done Mesh.

  Marko797 21:29 22 Jan 2010

Nice to hear a gd report abt Mesh. I've had my current Mesh for 6 years; it's been superb, with no major machine issues (some component renewals & new psu), & despite what has been written, I suspect I would consider them again as a provider.

Could you enlighten us as to what machine you ended up buying?

I note PCA had recently recommended a Mesh system in their power PCs review. Did you choose that particular one? I'm looking to upgrade this year so would value your input. Thnx.

  mr simon 21:39 22 Jan 2010

Glad to hear Mesh worked out well for you.

May I recommend, in response to the many applications you say need installing, this website here: click here

  mr simon 21:39 22 Jan 2010

And by click here I really mean click here

  HondaMan 20:35 25 Jan 2010

but I have all the original discs etc so re-installing is just time consuming. You don't know what you may, or may not catch, from a site such as that.

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