Mesh Computers

  user8 12:11 07 Apr 2009

Are Mesh in any trouble?
As they used to advertise in PCAdvisor & other magazines, but have not seen any thing in the pc mags recently.

  Pine Man 15:00 07 Apr 2009

I have been a staunch supporter of, and purchaser from, Mesh for about 8 years now but if you look at their forum click here they are upsetting a lot of people with late deliveries, poor communications and many, many defective machines.

It is a pity because their products used to be excellent and so was their service. I don't know if they are going bust but I certainly won't be buying there in future unless matters improve dramatically.

  daveeb 15:28 07 Apr 2009

I bought a Mesh in 2001 which is still running today, however I wouldn't recommend them due to the awful support I experienced on a couple of occasions when things went wrong.

  Teaboy 17:17 07 Apr 2009

I can see no advantage in begining another Mesh bashing post.

This post opened by user8, asks if Mesh are in trouble. I have always bought from them, and will suport them with your lives. Four machines going back 7years, with no problems. Who can better that?

To know if Mesh are in trouble is important, particularly to prospective purchasers, who risk losing money.


  MESH Support 17:46 07 Apr 2009

We're doing fine at the moment and appreciate your concern.

Whilst I am not aware of our current advertising strategy, during the current financial climate it makes sense to tighten our belts in key areas to ensure we survive.

Whilst it is true that recently we had demand greater than supply issues, to suggest that the support forum shows "many, many" defective machines is unfair. As the administrator of said forum I could not claim that we have "many, many" posters there at the moment let alone that many failures. In fact in a sales to new forum members ratio we seem to be doing quite well at the moment compared to previous years.


  Teaboy 18:01 08 Apr 2009

Thank you Davey.

I should have mentioned on my posting above, I ordered a new computer from Mesh back in January, the order was accepted, paid for,and delivery promised reasonably quickly.

It was delivered reasonably quickly, on the day promised. It's going like a good-un, and I'm delighted with it.

  birdface 09:52 11 Apr 2009

Maybe you are doing fine but some of your customers are not.

click here

If I were a potential customer and read some of the reviews about Mesh I certainly would not buy one.
And if you are not worried about the reviews maybe you should be.

  birdface 10:02 11 Apr 2009

click here Maybe you were one of the lucky ones.

Maybe they were once a good company and still might be but when you get reviews like that it will not do their sales any good.Maybe time to reorganize and start treating their customers a bit better.

  Teaboy 11:33 11 Apr 2009


oh dear!

  johnnyrocker 20:05 14 Apr 2009

it would seem that mesh have not improved since i fought for a £1000 refund over 6 years ago


  user8 16:42 16 Apr 2009

First 8 months of owning our Mesh pc was awful.
Very poor customer support & service and many calls and letters were written.
Went through various motherboards, RAM, HDD's & Graphics cards before the problem could be fixed.

But since then the pc has worked fine.

It's now time to be replaced, however the experience we had from Mesh customer support & service has probably put us off sadly from owning a 3rd Mesh pc.

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