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  Coinach 11:31 01 May 2006

I purchased a PC from Mesh in October 2003,it cost me just under two thousand pounds.
Last yeasr when I was away on holiday,my grandson.who had access to my home and PC somehow managed to delete or format the HDD.He and a friend tried to reload Win.XP,in doing so he ended up with three drives "C"-"D" and "F".
They somehow partitioned the HDD,lost all the programs Mesh had installed for repairing faults etc.I now have a PC with the option,at startup of me choosing one of three drives.
Since this episode I have been trying to get Mesh to take back the PC and set it up the way it was when I bought it.
All I get are automated replies to my emails,can`t get anyone to answer the phone.Can anyone advise me how to get my problem solved.
I am 76 years old and my computer is my lifeline to the outside world.
Thank you all.

  Forum Editor 11:55 01 May 2006

If you do, you can reinstall Windows pretty easily, but.....unless you have a Mesh restore disk you'll not be able to reinstall any Mesh-specific software.

I suggest that you email [email protected] and tell him what's happened - if anyone can help, he can. Explain to Davey that I suggested you email him - strictly speaking this isn't a mesh responsibility, as I'm sure you understand, but Davey may be able to sort something out for you.

  MESH Support 10:00 02 May 2006

I've received and responded to your email regarding what we can do in this situation.

Hopefully the situation won't be as bad as it sounds and the work required small.


  dontmeshwithme 10:37 02 May 2006

Same old story unfortunately. Why does it take a direct email to davey to get a response from Mesh. Why don't they respond to an email to customer services or technical support!!

  MESH Support 16:18 02 May 2006

You do get responses.

The Customer Services inbox is reviewed throughout the day and the emails fowarded to the relevant departments. There is however a backlog of these so the response time is less than satsifactory at the moment. It is something we are working on though.

The Technical Support email is no longer manned as the online support system replaced it. The auto message you get when you email the technical support email address explains this and how you can go about obtaining the support you need.

....and if it's the same old story, does it really need you repeating it? Sometimes I wonder if posters like yourself would prefer it if I just stopped trying to help and let you just continually harp on about how bad we are....


  pj123 17:01 02 May 2006

That is what Davey from Mesh Support is here for.

There aren't many other main PC manufacturers who have a presence on this Forum. Time with Daniel Warren was another. And I now notice that Choice Stationery has registered.

I don't have anything Mesh but am pleased to see that Davey will do anything within his power to sort problems (with Mesh) out. He has explained why problems take longer via the website.

Let's hope he can sort out the problem for Coinach without too much trouble.

  zigalow 17:21 02 May 2006

I am sorry to see that Mesh is still falling down on helping customers. It seems that any regards to customer care ends once the money has exchanged hands.

  Snec 04:10 03 May 2006

No one doubts that you are a good man doing your best for the company that is prepared to employ you for the moment and everyone on these boards appreciates your efforts -- there is no doubt here about that.

But, we also appreciate that you have to adhere to company lines and reply accordingly. You personally do a good job and I don't envy you having to put up wuth all the internal politics that are going on at this time.

Being on the front line is not easy.
Good luck!

  Danoh 10:16 03 May 2006

"....and if it's the same old story, does it really need you repeating it?"

I agree with Davey from Mesh Support.
You've aired your own issues in these forums and have got responses.

This thread is about Coinach's issues which Davey is trying to address.
How are you helping?

I have a MESH PC. I have had problems and also had resolutions without having to contact Davey. As have others who have taken the trouble to post in these forums.
Things could be better but how is your heckling helping Coinach (or others whose thread you've hijacked)?

  Danoh 10:21 03 May 2006

MESH usually supplies a Recovery CD with full Windows on it.
Thats how your grandson (& friends) ended up being able to reformat and create 3 partitions. On subsequent attempts with the Recovery CD, Windows was reinstalled automatically on the D & F partitions.
It has happened to myself as well.

MESH also supplied me with the installation CDs for the application programs bundled with my PC. You should also have the same.

Post back if you have any further queries following Davey's email and we can walk you through.

  MdeP 16:11 27 May 2006

I bought a Mesh Titan2GS computer from Mesh last month. It was delivered with a Viewsonic Flat Screen monitor which blacked out in the middle of a game after a few hours work. Am about to check it out on another computer to verify the fault.
Regarding Mesh, the manual sent with the Titan failed to cover that machine and so didn't explain the use of the adjustable dials on the front nor how to restart windows once the computer had entered a "sleep" or "standby" mode. To return to windows, one seems to have to re-power and reset, both of which one is usually advised to use sparingly.
In trying to contact Mesh, as with so many of your correspondents, my e-mails have not been answered and no one answers the phone or one is driven crazy by the repeated message "Your call is important to us......". The "next available" operater seems non-existant and one is forced to ring off to avoid bankruptcy.
On your advice, I will now attempt to get some sense out of Davey, who seems the only hope!

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