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  lignum vitae 10:59 23 Jun 2004

Based on the repot in PC Advisor I was thinking of buying the Mesh Matrix 64 3200+MAX ( top power pc) but looking at various forums Mesh get a terrible write up for their service and backup.
I wonder,and this is realy a question for PC Advisor do you take this into account when voting them best power pc.

  byfordr 11:10 23 Jun 2004

To be fair Mesh seems to be one of the companies who are seriously addressing their customer services short coming. A dedicated team including the almost legendary Davey monitor has sorted out lots of problems for forumites. Just by the expeditious resolutions personally I would consider purchasing from Mesh in the future.


  rickimalone 12:02 23 Jun 2004

Just search this site for mesh related posts that should help i'm a very happy mesh customer, so if you like a pc there selling nothing should put you off it.

  spuds 12:58 23 Jun 2004

Considering that Mesh have a presence here, and in all fairness they do respond to forum posts, I would suggest that their atitude as been one of trying to provide a good customer service. Like most things in life, things can go wrong at times, especially if you have a volume manufacturing turnout process, but Davey,Amit and Phil seem to be trying to make Mesh a 100% company.

I am considering a new computer purchase, and Mesh are well up on my ratings list, but in all fairness to local enterprise, I may stick to the local guy who I can deal 'over the counter'with.

  wags 13:43 23 Jun 2004

I bought my first Mesh 4.5 yrs ago and my second in August 2003. On the few occasions I have had to deal with 'Aftersales', I have been satisfied with the response. Earlier this year the DVD rom packed up on my newer machine. I reported it on the Mesh website 'Support' section and got a very speedy response. Following various checks that I was advised to perform, it was then swapped for a new drive at my home, with a minimum of fuss.

Of course, with a company of Mesh's size and market share, you will also hear complaints, but I for one (based upon my own experience) am very pleased with the product they offer, the price and service.

If you like the look of the PC you have mentioned - go for it !

  Forum Editor 14:36 23 Jun 2004

on the same subject, and I responded in the other one. Here's what I said there - I'll delete that thread now:-

We assess the machine, not the company
because we aren't in a position to comment on individual companies in this way. Consumer satisfaction - or the lack thereof - is very much a subjective thing, what one person might consider an acceptable level of service may be totally unacceptable to someon else. The only way to get an overall picture is to ask people to complete customer satisfaction survey questionnaires, and we do exactly that each year. It's very much a one-off snapshot of consumer opinion though, and if we wanted to include comments about customer service in hardware reviews we would need to keep the database constantly updated. That's just not possible. Gathering data in a properly controlled way on such a regular basis would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming, and results would depend on people completing survey forms.Experience has shown that there's a tendency for people to complain when things go wrong, but to keep quiet when everything's OK. This can lead to a somewhat distorted overall picture. Let's suppose that we received 40 bad reports in respect of company A and only 30 for company B. Looked at in that light company B looks pretty good. So far so good, but there's a snag - company A sells 1000 computers a month, but company B only sells 500. Things look a bit different A actually gets a 4% complaint rate, whereas company B notches up 6% - a 50% higher complaint rate, and exactly the opposite from the impression you would gain based purely on the number of complaints.
That's why it's better for us not to comment on customer service levels in hardware reviews - it's up to each consumer to make his/her own judjment. What we try to do here, in the forum is to create an atmosphere in which you can make an informed judjment - based on the impression you've gained from seeing how individual companies set about preventing or resolving service complaints. I'm sometimes criticised for "backing the advertisers" when I try to maintain a sense of balance in threads that become a collective 'manufacturer bashing' session. I believe that we can best serve people like you by being fair to both consumer and manufacturer alike. If we simply supported the consumer, come what may, we would be doing nobody a service. What you need is information, fairly presented by your fellow forum members, and if we can manage to achieve that for most of the time we'll be delighted. It doesn't always work, but most of the time it does. Couple your reading of our machine review with your reading of the forum threads, add a good measure of commonsense and you should be well placed to make an informed choice of supplier.

  ray27 19:14 23 Jun 2004

Mesh had problems trying to give me a machine that would work, I think I was just unlucky , and it took about a year to resolve.

I was given a full refund and on reflection I would return to mesh again as they do supply a lot for your money.

  Sans le Sou 22:20 23 Jun 2004

The new 939 pin Athlons are now out. Maybe expensive at the moment, do not have price details. 745 pin mobos not upgradeable past 64-3700. Machines should be reviewed soon I suppose.

  rickimalone 00:34 24 Jun 2004

Well said, but if its crime to promote good service and product's so be it mesh are
great company.

  nkt2000 16:34 24 Jun 2004

I recently bought a Mesh AMD 64 3200+ which was at the top of the charts at the time. It is working OK and I am happy with it. I had some delivery problems but Davey sorted them out. I think you could find someone with something bad to say about every company on the planet. Trouble is, only the bad news get the publicity and almost every computure manufacturer has had some. Do your research and take the plunge.

  LANDCRUISER 16:20 25 Jun 2004

I have a mesh pc for 2.5 yrs now & had times when the pc was returned to company to be repaired they never came out to repair it although i have 3yrs warranty on site but because i was new to pc when i bought it,they never said we can send a engineer to repair it, but guess what now the 3yrs are now nearly up they have decided to send a engineer to repair the pc that they had one month ago & passed as ok,i still have the same problem that the hard disc was making terrible noise,they said they had fitted a new one when i open the case to my horror the dust was still on it & looks as it was when i sent it to them,i forgot to tell them that a usb was not working on the phone,i wrote a note on the box saying this so when i got the pc back the first thing i checked was the usb & guess what that had not been repaired it so when they send their pink slip saying every thing had passed their tests is a complete joke

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