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  Simply Grey 11:19 24 Apr 2004

I searched ConsumerWatch for comments on Mesh, as I wanted to know if my experience with them was unique. I was therefore surprised to note that no one appears to have anything to say about them - is this because it is a waste of time complaining about them?

I bought Matrix 64 FX MAX (£2,500+) as reviewed in Personal Computer World (April 2004). The system was ordered on 17/4/04 and delivered 4/3/04 but never worked. Several telephone calls and a SD letter persuaded Mesh to send an engineer on 16/3/04. He muttered “… could be the system board…” and took it away.

Supposed to be returned by 19 March but wasn’t. Telephone call to Mesh ascertained that it had left their premises and would be delivered on 23/4/04, but once again it wasn’t.

After more than a month of writing, emailing and telephoning Mesh to no avail, the “New PC euphoria” had gone. I despaired that Mesh would ever deliver a working PC. I was tired of the arrogance and lies of Mesh personnel and tired of waiting at home in the hope that Mesh or their agents might call at the promised time.

Not surprisingly another special delivery letter written on the evening of 23/4/04 (copy emailed to Mesh) telling them not to bother returning the CPU but to arrange to collect the balance of the equipment and refund my money resulted in an 8:56am “courtesy” call the following morning. I was advised that the CPU would leave Mesh that day and be delivered the following day. I told them that delivery would be refused and in fact Amtrak tried to deliver the same day.

More SD letters, emails and telephone calls and Amtrak eventually called and collected the balance of the equipment from me on 6 April. I have heard nothing more from Mesh about refunding my money but luckily I paid by credit card. The CC company re credited me this week.

Result I’m going back to Evesham. I have bought two PC’s and a laptop from them over the last few years. Personnel have been courteous and any problems have been quickly sorted.

Will never use Mesh again.

  rickimalone 12:14 24 Apr 2004

They seem's to be to complete different types of people working at Mesh, it's either a really good story as in my case or a really bad one....

I know that they have an active presence in this forum and that they have been improving things but what happened to you is out of order and also a real shame as the PC I have is amazing Matrix64 FX and a hell of alot cheaper than anything else about at the time I bought it...

  YAN003 13:06 24 Apr 2004

Simple Grey

Sorry to hear your experience with Mesh was not a happy one....

I can only agree with rickimalone.....

Myself having ordered and received Mesh M64 3400+ in March this year, to date I have nothing but praise for Mesh. Everything has worked fine and one small issue was resolved within 48hrs by Mesh support....

I wish you all the best and hope you have a better experience with Evesham.

  Paperback Writer 13:51 24 Apr 2004

I bought a Mesh Cubex A64 a few weeks ago and it's been perfect.

  Sir Radfordin 14:30 24 Apr 2004

This kind of story does seem to have become less common during the last few months, but Mesh haven't been without their problems in the past.

A chap called Davey has worked hard (too hard?) to get Mesh back on their customer service feet and has been using this forum to make sure Mesh customers that end up here aren't left in the cold for too long.

In my view the problem with suppliers isn't that faults occur, these could be true of any company, but how they resolve them. Its a shame to see Mesh not managing to keep the high standards they have been working towards. Hopefully come Monday someone will be in touch with you.

I hope your experience is better with Evesham, but I have no reason to think it will be.

  spuds 20:42 24 Apr 2004

There as been quite a bit about Mesh of late, but the PCA search system seems to have a slight problem in finding these in the archives. If you have any problems that require a rapid response, then I would suggest that you contact Davey, who seems to be very quick and ideal at solving Mesh problems.He can be contacted via [email protected]

  Simply Grey 14:13 25 Apr 2004

Many thanks all for the responses and support. Seem to bear out my own research, i.e. Mesh make great PC's but if things start going wrong ....

  MESH Support 09:10 26 Apr 2004

I am very sorry to hear of the problems you have had since the purchase.

Whilst I realise that you have now moved on I would very much like to review the process that led to your current point in order to address the concerns you raise.

If possible, please email me your serial/order number along with your screen name to [email protected] or if you no longer have any record of the numbers, the delivery postcode.

Thanks in advance.


Mesh Support

  nkt2000 16:05 28 Apr 2004

I ordered a new computer from Mesh, the one at the top of your Power PC chart in fact, on 30th March 2004. I took delivery yesterday, 26th April. On opening the packages, I discovered that the keyboard was not cordless and the mouse had escaped. Mesh were very apologetic and promised to send the missing and incorrect goods as soon as I returned the corded keyboard (they agreed to pay the return postage). I could not believe what I heard. I have already waited almost 4 weeks for the supply of my computer, now I can not use it because of a lack of keyboard and mouse. Although Mesh have accepted that it was their fault, they will still not send me the correct items until I have returned the incorrect one. They will not even send me a mouse even though I have not got one to return.

I will not now be able to use my computer, or even check that it works, until:

Monday PM - Took delivery of new Mesh computer
Tuesday - AM - informed Mesh of incorrect supply
Wednesday PM - arrive home from work and find pre=paid return label on the door mat
Thursday AM - post incorrect keyboard off to Mesh
Friday - Hopefully, Mesh will receive keyboard by snail mail
Friday - Hopefully - Mesh will courier new keyboard and missing mouse
Monday - (Next working day) Maybe I will receive my goods (Forgot - Bank holiday)
Tuesday or Wednesday - More likely delivery date for new keyboard and missing mouse

Total time waiting desperately to try out new computer - 8 or 9 days after original delivery.

Now that is what I call customer service - NOT!

An alternative would be to send out new keyboard and missing mouse at the same time as return label for incorrect keyboard. I get both tomorrow and return the keyboard and everyone is happy. Is this too easy or is it just me being over optimistic?

  Sir Radfordin 16:12 28 Apr 2004

I'm sure the people working in the customer serivice dept. at Mesh (or any other company) would like to be this simple but the problem is that they aren't the ones who design or control the system. Some 'top chap' no doubt thinks this is best because they never have to speak to customers.

You could try emailing Davey on the address in the previous post to yours - or nip out and spend £10 on a keyboard/mouse to keep you going till the new one gets there (yes yes I know you shouldn't have to...!)

  MESH Support 16:25 28 Apr 2004

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service you have received.

If you could possibly email me your serial/order number and screen name (nkt2000) to the [email protected] address I would like to look into your situation further.


Mesh Support

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