Mesh Computer Purchase Update

  rickimalone 14:39 07 Apr 2004

Just an update to my Mesh Matrix 64 computer that i've had for 3 weeks.

The computer as I posted in an earlier thread click here arrived on time and complete.

I had to make to phone calls to Mesh which were both dealt with very well.

You may be asking as to why i'm am posting all this a gain, well the reason is in forums other than this and a few people in here have all said

"give two weeks when the hardrive fails and the motherboard melts"

Well my beast of a machine is still running,copying dvd's playing the latest games, splintercell 2, farcry and others whith everything turned on!!!

So thankyou Mesh for my super PC and may I have many years of happy computing.......

  Stuartli 17:38 07 Apr 2004

It's been the same with one I purchased last September on behalf of an 82-year-old friend.

Despite having no previous computer experience, she took to the Mesh like a duck to water and it's been working spot on from the day it arrived (it arrived exactly on the day promised as well).

And yes, that 82 is no misprint...:-)

  one23 17:44 07 Apr 2004

I have had a Mesh pc for 7 months with no problems or concerns. I have only had one occasion to contact Mesh service tech. My enquiry was answered promptly and efficiently. Mesh would not be where they are today if they did not have a very good product,at competitive prices and a desire to give good service.They demonstrate this by monitoring postings on this forum and offering help via an email contact.I hope you enjoy your new pc.

  Forum Editor 18:35 07 Apr 2004

Enjoy your new computer.

  claudine 20:54 07 Apr 2004

I wish I could say that my new mesh computer was as trouble free as yours all sound, but sadly it seems it needs a new hard drive (it is ten days old). The technical support people have been on the whole good. I spent hours with them fiddling around with the device manager and then I said I really wondered how much longer it would be a useful exercise, and then, really without anything other than that mild suggestion they said they would send someone over to change the hard disk. I was impressed with most of the people I spoke to - especially a bloke called Vishal, and also with the lack of arguing I had to do to be believed.

  rickimalone 01:49 08 Apr 2004

Although ive only had limited contact with him please try and contact DAVEY from Mesh support on this forum, as from what I have seen im sure he would be able to help you.

If you cant find him try and email the forum editor and i'm sure he will point you in the right direction.

I hope that all is sorted out for you soon.

  claudine 06:16 08 Apr 2004

rickimalone I don't need to contact Davey. Mesh are already sending someone here to come and change the hard disk. I can't think of anything else that Davey might do that would be better than that, and it is kind of nice that I didn't have to resort to contacting him to get something done, don't you think, because although he is a big help to people who know he is here, it is good to know that the technical help people are doing stuff without prompts. If they don't phone me by the end of today to make an appointment though, I WILL send him a message though since this happened on Tuesday : )

  MESH Support 09:18 08 Apr 2004

Please send me an email with your serial/order number and screen name to [email protected] anyway.

If for any reason there is any problem, it won't hurt to have your details ready and if you don't mind, I would like to check the progress of your paperwork.


Mesh Support

I purchased my Mesh computer in early March 2001 with Windows ME. Unfortunately I have had a fault in each of the 3 year guarantee.
Year 1. Reset button fell into the unit and noisy fan was replaced.
Year 2. Hard drive failed and lost all data.
Year 3. Modem failed.
Three weeks ago, just after expiry of the guarantee, the screen frequently froze after a period of use. Re-starting the computer with the re-set button. a message on the screen asked for a re-boot via the start up disc. After this a message was received indicating that there was no hard drive fitted. Another temporary hard drive has been substituted which has confirmed that in fact my own hard drive is faulty, which I aim to replace shortly myself. In general, Mesh have been helpful although telephone call charges have mounted waiting for the right department to answer. As a pensioner I have been reluctant to call at £1 a minute, when a Mesh operator has suggested that I may have had a software problem, and I do not have the experience to decide where the fault is.
Finally Mesh will deal with the problem, after the guarantee has expired, but the costs of doing so are high, and with my limited budget must be the last resort.


  Forum Editor 23:12 12 Apr 2004

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