Mesh computer not delivered

  sype 14:38 03 Jun 2006

mesh computers were suposed to deliver my computer this morning. i payed extra for saturday morning delivery so i could be in. it says on the paperwork that was sent to me that if for any reason the computer could not be delivered i would be informed. i have heard nothing from them and their offices are closed. at this point i have no idea what is going on . if your about to order a new computer and want it delivered on the agreed date dont buy from mesh.

  SB23 17:12 03 Jun 2006

I can understand that you're a little annoyed that it didn't turn up on the designated day, but I think you're last sentence is a little harsh. Wait till Monday, and give them a ring. I'm sure there will be an explanation as to why it hasn't turned up. It's more than likely a part problem.
See what they say.

  Stuartli 17:48 03 Jun 2006

Even so sype should have been informed that the system would not be delivered as arranged.

  oresome 19:01 03 Jun 2006

I know the feeling.

You get up early so as not to be caught out. Listen out for every vehicle engine and keep looking out of the window and glancing at the clock. It gets to 11 O' clock and you think, it can't be long now. As it passes 12 O' clock, the realisation dawns that it's not going to turn up, but give them a chance........they might be running late.

Come 1.30, your seething that you've wasted a morning waiting for something that in all probability wiil arrive on Monday when you're back at work and there is no one at home to receive the delivery.

  namtas 19:26 03 Jun 2006

Likwise, I echo the feelings of frustation felt when a promise does not materialise.

But have you considered that it more than likely may not be any fault of MESH, your boxed PC is most likely sitting on a pallet in a delivery warehouse or sitting in a van ready for delivery Monday.

I think that your comment not to buy MESH because your PC did not arrive on time is a slight over reaction.

  jimmybond 19:26 03 Jun 2006

I don't think it's just Mesh - chances are that everyone's wasted at least one days holiday waiting for somebody to turn up - only to find that you don't even get the common courtesy of a phone call, to tell you they aren't. So aswell as wasting your day off, as orseome says, they'll probably deliver on monday and say it's your fault for not being in. Total lack of respect for the customer, that is!

  ade.h 20:22 03 Jun 2006

Because Mesh and all other distance selling companies are at the mercy of their chosen couriers, it is not very sensible to make apparently cast-iron claims about delivering on a certain day.

  ade.h 20:24 03 Jun 2006

Posted too soon.

Was going to add that htey should be more circumspect about it and only make specific promises if their courier company can honestly make the same hard-and-fast promise, which few can.

  Rigor mortis 20:24 03 Jun 2006

Not quite.

It is when they claim to have "carded" you.
Best of luck sype. Hope you don't get a lemon as well on top of poor service.

  folder4mags 20:32 03 Jun 2006

My recent dealings went very well, but mainly i think as Davey from mesh was involved in the matter and if you post here or on another forum, mesh like to be seen helping their customers.

  jimmybond 21:29 03 Jun 2006

you'd don't think it's being just a tad disrespectful, knowing that somebody will likely have taken a day off work to receive their PC - and to then not even phone them to say they're not coming?!?
and why would they come round and 'card' you, if you're waiting patiently in at home for your new PC?

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