mesh complaints and experiences - good or bad

  llcoolg 01:22 05 Apr 2006

This is another thread regarding mesh computers. I would like it to b a place for people to come and share their experiences and opinions good or bad about this company. This is the consumerwatch section of the site, so i think that would suggest it is here to serve the consumers, and that is my intention in starting this thread. All are welcome on this thread including mesh employees, but b honest and make a point, do not pretend to b someone else juz to try prove a genuine consumer wrong. Thats stand for both sides of the dabate.

  llcoolg 01:35 05 Apr 2006

i myself have a mesh computer, and whilst initially being very pleased with my purchase, i recently encountered a hardware fault with it, and despite having an onsite warranty i was forced to sent it back to base for repair. Now i have found the service of this company to b appaling, and on the borderline of legality. Durin my experience i decided to look around for others with possible problems with mesh, and i was surprised at the massive amount of complaints they have against them. I eventually received my PC back from them, last week, and it is in workin order, altough it has been dwngraded.
I know i am not alone in havin issues with this company, however there does seem to b a lot of ppl defending them rather vigerously.
I would like this to b a forum for potential PC buyers to hear the honest truth and help them make up their own mind. i know a lot of (wise!) ppl do a web search to find out more about a company or product before they splash the cash, so this thread is here for them.

  Prof. Dean White 02:03 05 Apr 2006

yeah mesh are terrible, if anyone out there is looking to purchase a system from mesh, I would advise you to do some research on the net and see what their customer service is like, nuff said

  donki 02:54 05 Apr 2006

I purschaced my MESH last month and it arrived on time last week. Truely excellant machine zips throu everything like lightnening and i found that when i post any queuys on the HEXUS forum i get a responce within the day.

I feel its only right i should tell my success story as all i can find onlie is problems people are having. Every company with have its problems but so far I have nothing but good things to say about mesh and the sevice they provide.

I mean when i was looking around I went to PC World and im sorry but my 90 year old granny would know more about a PC than them really put me off and now when i go in I try my best to avoid them.

If you bought 1 tin of band baked beans would you warn everyone off them??? No you wouldnt!!! MESH seel thousands of PC,s a monthe and it just seems to be the same people complaining?? I feel bad for the people that it didnt work out for but to completely write the company off is stupid.

There is my 20p's worth.


  llcoolg 03:25 05 Apr 2006

thanks for ur reply donki

i have also heard pc world have a pretty bad reputation.

I am glad that u r pleased with ur new PC and i hope everything goes well for u in the future, as it does for many ppl. But i would warn u that if something goes wrong with it, and mesh have to get
involved u will prob end up back on these same forums lookin for advice from the mesh victims that seem to annoy u so much juz now!
I understand the point ppl keep mentioning on mesh being more suseptable to complaints bcoz they have more customers, but maybe i can help clear this up using ur own analargy.
If u bought a tin a bad baked beans and u had to take them back to where u bought them, and they replaced them would u warn everyone off?

ok now wot if wen u took them back they told u that they werent interested in u, that u werent important enough for them to worry about and that the beans may well b bad but u werent gettin ur money back, or they werent replacing them, bcoz they majority of beans they sell are really good? would u still recommend them?
by the way i know that if i go to tesco or somewhere and i buy somethin for £2 and it is bad or faulty, wen i take it back it will b replaced!

Now with mesh we are talkin about machines worth hundreds of pounds at least, and they do include warranties in their prices, so why so many unresolved problems, and dissattisfied customers? and the majority of answers to that seems to b their attitude, which shouldnt be affected by laws of proportionality.

i mite add i shared ur views, up until 2 months ago wen i receive the treatment from them, i even recommended them to my best mate who bought from them, and now i am prayin that nothin goes wrong with his PC bcoz i would feel at least partly responsible for recommending them to him!

so i havent been gunning for them since day one, but i cant beleive the stuff they pull and havent been closed down yet

  The Spires 08:54 05 Apr 2006

llcoolg it seems to me the point of this thread is for you to re-air your problems with MESH, you have already done that in two other current threads, do we really need another?

  SG Atlantis® 09:24 05 Apr 2006

Your ramblings are becoming tiresome and BORING.

Enough's enough.

  ittech247 09:35 05 Apr 2006

Everyone want's to voice their concern when they get bad service, even more so when they get mucked about by such a large company as mesh.

If your the person who has to put up with the service mesh offer some of their customers you would probably feel like you wanted to let of steam, do either of you own a mesh pc?

  SG Atlantis® 09:48 05 Apr 2006

They have posted their stories several times now. I have had the unfortunate experience of reading all the repetitive steam that they have vented.

I won't reply again to this thread in the hope that it sinks to the bottom of the pile.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:11 05 Apr 2006

'i have also heard pc world have a pretty bad reputation'...I've heard the moon is made of green cheese so it must be true.../eyes raise.


  donki 11:52 05 Apr 2006

Sounds yummy :)....... But PC world is S***, I hate when people try to sell a product they know nothing about and have to constantly run to find out information!

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