Mesh complaints

  Maccyroo 18:38 22 Oct 2004

Keep seeing a lot of complaints about Mesh Customer Services.

I learnt 2 years ago soon after buying mine that you are better off doing your own support!

I built to order on their website an chose a Maxtor 80GB ATA133 HDD. It went wrong, they sent an engineer who replaced it with an 80GB Hitachi Desktar ATA 100 drive. I complained, they said their was no difference. I had to spend five minutes explaining to one of their tech staff the difference. then they denied the original HDD was the Maxtor 133 at all and demanded I prove it! I had to fax them a copy of their own pretest check list that came with the pc to prove i was right. I was made to feel like I had done something wrong.

Windows corrupted & totally crashed and I decided to use the restore CD and re install XP as I had a recent back up. Mesh support require you to telephone them before using the restore cd but when I did they said i had to phone the software support. A number that costs a packet and is forever engaged. Calling the operating system "software" is rather stretching the reasonable definition in terms of support.

I eventaully discovered that the Mesh email support is better if you don't mind waiting a day or so for the help. I have used this in the last few months.

My pc is built well and this is one of Mesh's strenghts but like most of their kind the support is sometimes badly lacking.


  grumpy-git 10:22 23 Oct 2004


Can only speak of my experiences of Mesh customer services, and it isn't good. You may have read of my problems in this Forum so won't repeat them. Wish I had the knowledge and skill to do my own support, but if it is part of the package you have bought then you should be able to expect it to be speedy & efficient. In fact a loose single-sheet advert fell out of a recent mag, advertising some sort of support service by Mesh, saying how good their technical staff are etc. - can't give exact details but I don't think I was smiling as I threw it on the fire. I don't know a lot about computers, but it seems I know more than some of the people at Mesh I have spoken to!

Been down that "cost a packet" line as well, but to be fair (but don't know why I should be after all the grief they have caused and are still causing me) they say they will refund the call charges.

You mention the e-mail support, I still have the e-mail sent months ago, saying a missing part from my pc had been despatched to me. It never arrived, was it really sent or was it lost in the post??

My pc is probably also well built, just that the bits inside don't all work properly.


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