MESH - Awful Customer Service/Sales Support

  Jdoki 20:54 06 Sep 2004

Part 1.

I've got to get this off my chest!

I ordered a PC from MESH computers, an upgraded spec of their STORM model. This was the 29th July.

Before ordering I called their sales line and specifically asked:
When the 939 socket motherboard would be available? - Answer: mid August at the earliest

How much for an upgrade from 1Gb RAM to 2Gb? - Answer: £50+VAT

Do you have stock of the GeForce 6800Ultra? - Answer: Yes, and we get deliveries every 4 days

I placed my order online and waited...

Approx a week later I had another look at their web site and noticed they had changed the spec of the STORM model to the new 939 AMD mobo (price had remained the same)! Not best pleased I called them up and asked for it to be changed - which they agreed to. I specifically asked the sales person to confirm the mobo I was getting (socket 939) and that I would be getting a CPU that would fit it – which he did indeed confirm.

Later the same day I returned to the MESH web site and noticed the mobo had been changed back to the old one. Not having much faith in the sales person or the company at this point, I called them back. Despite only wanting to find out what had been put on my order it took 4 phone calls to speak to someone who could give me the info. And to my horror I found that my order still showed the old mobo! Was the sales person incompetent? Or just fobbing me off in the first place?

The motherboard was duly changed. Dispatch was estimated to be 13th August. Out of interest I once again asked about the cost of upgrading the RAM (note I was previously quoted £50+VAT), this time I was told £180+VAT. It wasn’t so much the mistakes that were being made more the lack of product knowledge shown by MESH that annoyed me.

The 13th of Aug came and no sign of the PC. I called them up and was told that the 6800Ultra cards (which I had previously been told they had plenty of) were out of stock, and the sales person was shocked that I hadn’t been informed of this!

Also, the previous day I had learned that the CPU detailed on my order would not fit the motherboard! You may recall I mentioned above that I had asked specifically that I would get a CPU that fitted the mobo.

So the ever (un)helpful member of staff thanked me for pointing this out to him(!) and told me I should never had been offered the 939 socket mobo in the first place! He gave me two options. First, to downgrade the motherboard – which I wouldn’t accept; and second, to pay an additional £90+VAT for a CPU that would work in the motherboard. I was also told that my order would be delayed while they waited for the Sony dual layer DVD burners to come in – this surprised me as I had not ordered a dual layer burner and MESH were not even advertising this on their site – another example of their great customer service.

At this point I cancelled my order. I had no inclination to pay extra to correct an oversight on their part, and at no time had MESH shown me any goodwill or customer service or even a basic level of product knowledge.

  Jdoki 20:55 06 Sep 2004

Part 2.

It was now the 18th August.

I received a call from MESH asking to confirm my cancellation (although it was a thinly disguised ploy to get me to reinstate my order). After much apologising on the part of MESH I agreed (despite my better judgement) to go ahead with the order, and even pay the extra for the CPU. I was promised the PC with in 4 days. I declined this as the company refuses to give definite delivery days, and have no form of order tracking on their web site, so I arranged for it to be delivered the following Saturday (28th Aug).

Guess what?

No PC on Saturday. I call them yet again. I’m told that this time there is a fault on the GeForce 6800Ultra cards and they will not be getting any more until September 20th! Once again the sales person is shocked that I was not informed!

MESH had over £1100 of my money since the 30th July (the day after I placed the original order) and a further £105 since 19th August.

This time the options I was given are, downgrade to a 6800GT and get some money back, or change to an ATI X800XT PE for the same price. I am told that both are in stock and I can have the delivery on Monday (6th September), when I told them to cancel my order I was offered Saturday (4th September). I change to the X800XT PE.

I also sent a letter to their Sales Manager, Simon Fitch, detailing the problems above, and expressing my hope that I might get the order on Saturday. Maybe I’m expecting a little much here, but if a disgruntled customer, on the verge of cancelling their order sent me a letter, I would probably check it out myself and ensure that the order was going through. But perhaps £1200+ is not enough to qualify me for their minimum level of customer service, and certainly not enough to warrant the attention of a sales manager.

Now… A gold star if anyone can guess what happened on Saturday!

No PC!

Yet again I call up MESH and ask what the problem is, being at it’s the third time they’ve missed a delivery. I am told that they have no stock of the X800XT PE cards! And to rub salt in the wound I was told that this had been common knowledge in the company for over a week so why the previous sales person had offered me this card was a mystery!

At this point I cancelled my order. This time for good! I will never order from MESH again

I tried calling up their Sales Manager today to see if he had indeed received my letter, but unsurprisingly he couldn’t come to the phone.

I’m not an unreasonable person. If MESH had been upfront with me and told me that the 939 socket had been offered by mistake I would have accepted the old motherboard. If they had been honest and told me that it would be over a month because of stock shortages on the graphics cards I would have waited. But no, they lied to me, tried to get me to pay for their oversight, and seem to be unaware of the industry they work in, because they really know nothing about PC’s.

Phew, I feel better now. Thanks for listening. Good night!

  Dellman 23:00 06 Sep 2004

I've just confirmed an order with them............should I be worried?!!

  spuds 23:12 06 Sep 2004

If you have a problem with the way Mesh have dealt with you, why not contact one of the team who monitor this forum, via [email protected] for an explanation. Point them to this post, with your username included in your email.

  Jdoki 23:24 06 Sep 2004

If you've gone for a Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra then expect a long wait. I hear they are getting ATI X800XT cards in this week, but I assume they have backorders to fill. All other graphics cards seem to be available.

I think it was a large dollop of bad luck with this order, but it has put me off MESH for good! :(

I stand by my comments, and reinforce that MESH Sales Support have no clue what they are selling - it's really not rocket science to know which CPU fits which motherboard!

I hope you have a smooth and problem free experience with them Dellman! :) The machines themselves seem to get good reviews. But this company is not for me!

I'll keep the board posted if I have any problems getting my credit card reimbursed! 2-3 working days they said...

It'd be nice if PCA could do a roundup on Sales Support/Customer Service and also Aftersales Support. I think it's just as important as the performance of the machine itself.

  Jdoki 23:32 06 Sep 2004


In my case MESH have had ample opportunity to explain the situation. It'd be nice if for once, they contacted me first!

Cheers for the advice though! :)

  Vague Boy 02:14 07 Sep 2004

I recently ordered a MESH system (or so I thought). However, MESH have never bothered to contact me about it, by post, email or phone. I've emailed their sales department but received no response. I can only assume that MESH don't think my £1100 worth their time and trouble. Well, I shall avoid inconveniencing them with my order any further and shop elsewhere.

  CooksterC 08:37 07 Sep 2004

Confirmed my order on Friday

Was going for the 6800 Ultra as well, but Mesh sales adviser could not give me a supply time for it, so I have swapped to the x800 XT. Given a provisional delivery date of 2 1/2 weeks, so I will keep you informed.

  MESH Support 09:37 07 Sep 2004

I am very sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced trying to order your PC from Mesh Computers.

If possible, would you mind emailing me your order number to [email protected] along with your screen name (Jdoki) so I might look into the reasons for the problems?

If anyone else has concerns over items on order please feel free emailing also at the above address. I can liase with the sales department inform you of the current order status.


Mesh Support

  MR CDS 20:23 07 Sep 2004

I have sympathy with you who have problems with Mesh. This company simply cannot communicate with their customers other than through these forums. See my post: A Fine Mess at Mesh.

  Jdoki 20:55 07 Sep 2004

...After cancelling the order yesterday I emailed MESH Support as requested in the post above, and received a prompt reply that I would receive a report on why there were so many problems with my order, and should expect the outcome on Thursday.

However, about an hour after getting the reply I received a phone call, from MESH, telling me my order would be delayed yet again! Yep, that's right, the order I cancelled yesterday will be delayed! Apparently they are still having stock issues with the X800XT graphics cards... the ones they told me they had stock of, and then told me they would be getting delivery of today...

It’s ironic that the only time MESH has phoned me to tell me my order is delayed is the day after I cancel!

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