Mesh again!

  Baz70 14:00 23 Jul 2005

I ordered a Matrix G70 Pro with a few upgrades which took the money spent nearer the 2k mark from Mesh earlier in the month. I called a few days later to enquire when the estimated dispatch would be, I was informed there was a delay because they didn`t have the X2 4200 processor in stock. I upgraded to the X2 4400 upon being informed these were in stock and paid the extra £45. The next day I saw that the offer was now for the X2 4400 and not the X2 4200 and for the same price! No worries....

The dispatch day came and went so I thought I would contact Mesh again to confirm it had been dispatched. There seemed to be some confusion and was informed I would be called back in a couple of minutes. I waited for an hour and no call so called again. Was told I would be called back in fifteen minutes, another hour passed and no call so I called again and this time was told that the person who took my order was busy and would call me back. Yep, they never called and I rang again. Was told the call back was logged and somebody would definitely call me. I refused to hang up and informed that I wanted information regarding my order during this conversation. Someone else came on the line and told me my order was cancelled by me, I said this was not the case and was put through to someone else who told me my system was ready and should have been dispatched. They spoke with the dispatch manager who couldn`t find my system! After a lengthy time on the phone it was announced that the X2 4400 was not in stock after all and my order would be delayed. So contradicting information all round the house there and I was confused and unhappy. I only ordered the 4400 because I was told they had it there; was told my system was built and ready to go when it obviously was not.I cancelled the order and the money has since been refunded to my credit card.

I have now ordered a system from Evesham:

Axis 64 Dominator with the following upgrades:

19" Viewsonic VX924 (Black / Silver) DVI TFT
1GB ultra fast DDR RAM (PC3200)(2x512MB)
256MB DDR NVIDIA 7800GTX PCI-Express Graphics
AMD® Athlon 64 X2 processor 4200+
DVD-ROM (16x) / CD-RW (52x32x52) Drive
Microsoft® Cordless Keyboard & Optical Mouse 3.0
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition
Sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS

Look forward to receiving it soon.

I have owned a Mesh system in the past and was pleased with it. I bought that one about 4 years ago. Thought I would try them again and was very disappointed in the attitude of everyone I spoke to at that company. I will never again spend another penny with them!

  pj123 14:58 23 Jul 2005

What a shame that we don't have a rep for Mesh on the Forum. Or if we do, where is he/she hiding?

  Ancient Learner 15:51 23 Jul 2005

I thought that we had Davey here, regularly, on the forum

  pj123 16:35 23 Jul 2005

Well if Davey is the Mesh rep on this Forum he is keeping a very low profile.

  Ancient Learner 16:54 23 Jul 2005

It is Saturday! Perhaps he will appear on Monday.

  Forum Editor 17:16 23 Jul 2005

this failure to keep promises of return calls is the most common of all complaints, and it puzzles me.

The one way to keep customers happy - even when they're calling about some kind of customer service problem - is to maintain contact. I am often asked to set up and run training sessions in communications skills for my corporate clients, and the one thing I stress above all else is the need to keep that line of communication open. People are quite prepared to accept all kinds of bad news if it's presented in the right way, and they'll often tolerate delays quite happily if they feel they're being treated as a valued customer, and kept in the loop. It's really very simple but in confidential one-to-one sessions with customer service staff I often find that they don't return calls because they're frightened to tell a customer bad news. They try to postpone the evil day, and of course that makes it even worse.
Conflicting information is a common problem with many suppliers, and almost without exception the cause is in the company's systems - staff get the wrong information, or even worse, no information, and then the temptation to make something up is there. Anything to get the customer off the phone.

Communications skills don't always come naturally - but they can be taught. There are tips and tricks, and with a bit of practice almost anyone can become proficient at dealing with customer calls.

I'm not suggesting that Mesh have these problems, and it would be unfair to single them out, but it might be the case in some instances. From that you say it looks very much as if the right hand wasn't too sure what the left hand had said, or was doing at times, and the result was a cancelled order. In my book every cancelled order is more than the loss of one sale - it can mean the loss of many potential sales if the person concerned spreads the word about his/her experience.

  pj123 18:02 23 Jul 2005

Perhaps someone, anyone, from Mesh would like to make a comment?

  HXP 18:24 23 Jul 2005

I went through a similar run with Mesh eventually ended up with a refund which I saw as a failure for Mesh and a great shame as it soured my view of what I presumed was a ' quality company '.

They even managed to make the refund process as hostile as possible by not delay, not returning calls, agreeing then denying agreement to a refund. Then hiding behind Mesh company policy statements instead of talking about the specifics of my case.

It really was a great shame as I gave them my goodwill when the machine failed but was treated to the unreturned phone calls / long delays to talk to them etc.

Davey is always helpful but the rest of the after sales staff should be brought up to his level then Mesh would still have a loyal customer and £1500 still in their bank account.

I am now waiting with baited breath for all those Mesh customers who have never had a fault to say how brilliant they are. True if you don't have a problem - wait for your first problem before you tell us they produce 1000's of perfect machines - it's no help when you are one of the unfortunate few who have non working machines.

I also don't want a witch hunt - just hopefully someone at Mesh to see these posts and put after sales in order.


  Forum Editor 18:46 23 Jul 2005

for staff training.

  Ancient Learner 20:12 23 Jul 2005

The problems a lack of Windows CD and with SP2 and SATA drivers were sorted out satisfactorily at the time.

Since then I've had another problem with my Mesh. A few pleasant messages between me and their Technical response people via their web site, solved my problem of a malfunctioning DVD drive.

  simonali 20:57 23 Jul 2005

I would have to agree with most that is written here. I haven't spoken to Davey over the phone, but his emails were prompt, polite and helpful. Everyone else I've been in contact with at Mesh, however, has been abrupt to the point of rudeness. The only time anyone was polite was when they were taking my order for a four figure pricetag computer (one which cost a further £100 to bring up to scratch).

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