MESH and the 90% working PC

  Fad Gadget 21:31 23 Sep 2007

Whilst trying to install a Belkin modem router, I was having no joy trying to get the comp to recognise it.

So upon ringing Mesh’s technical support guys, just to make sure that the network port was live/enabled on the PC. I was reassured that it was. The Tech guy said "We do not send out a PC's with disabled network ports"

So after many tests and phone calls to Belkin, Tiscall (ISP) etc. I took the modem router back to PC World to check. After testing the router all was well, so they asked me if they could look at my base unit of my "Mesh" PC.

After running some more tests, it then turns out that the network port was never enabled in the first place!

So much so, that the PC didn't even have any drives to support such activity etc.

Anyway, in order to fix my problem PC World had to change the computers bios and add some drives all for the handsome sum of £30.

I feel kind of cheated by Mesh computers in that they sold me a 90% working PC. Can I claim my £30 back?

Or is the fact that my PC is 2 years old, the end of my storey and money!

  Simsy 21:45 23 Sep 2007

that the 2 years bit is the clincher... and you've answered your own question!

Good luck, whatever you do.



  spuds 21:55 23 Sep 2007

What is the warranty period on the computer.

Did you pay by credit card or computer finance when you purchased the computer.

  PP321 07:44 24 Sep 2007

Mesh could have talked you through a simple test to see if the network port was enabled...they didnt do this?

Also a quick google would have showed you how to do it , but i suspect if you were installing the router , u had no internet!

Good luck.

  MESH Support 11:57 24 Sep 2007

Hi Fad Gadget,

Whilst it is true that our systems are sent out with any motherboard mounted Network Port enabled, it's also true that the person on the phone should have at the very least verified this with you. You didn't mention whether this was done or not.

If you still have the original paperwork that came with the system you can verify whether the port was originally enabled as if it were not, the supplied QC report would not detect it.

If you don't have the paperwork I can check it for you from our own QC records here. If possible I'd like you to email me your Mesh Order Number so I look further into what advice was provided. If no checks were performed as is implied then this would need addressing.


  Fad Gadget 22:07 24 Sep 2007

Thanks for the response people.

I have all the paper work but I am unable ascertain whether it was live or not!

When I spoke to Mesh support. I was never asked to do any tests online. Pretty poor really. Especially if it's an easy diagnostic/test.

I can tell you that my warranty covers a 3 year back to base, with insured courier delivery.

Davey, order number 5198903F

I realize that in the computing world, technology soon becomes outdated. However, at the time I purchased my PC it was deemed to be pretty good. Therefore, I would be surprised if it should'nt have been networked enabled.

I look forward to your response.

  STREETWORK 22:10 24 Sep 2007


  Fad Gadget 14:33 02 Oct 2007

I'm still waiting on a response..

  Forum Editor 17:54 02 Oct 2007

to MESH Support, as requested? I know you've posted it here, in the forum, but that's not really much good - you need to send it to Mesh.

Click on the envelope next to MESH support's name - that will open a dialogue box, so you can send the number via our server. The message will go directly to the right person automatically.

  MESH Support 10:43 03 Oct 2007

Hi Fad Gadget,

Sorry, I wasn't aware you'd posted your number here and I don't think I've received an email from you yet.

Looking at the original QC report I see no reference to the on-board network port which means it was disabled at the time of purchase, and I apologise for this.

Given that you took your system into PC World and had them add drives as well as check the BIOS setting I don't think it would be appropriate for us to offer to refund you for the additional work they carried out.

As a gesture of goodwill I could arrange to have one of our gift vouchers sent to you, or one of our game/gamepad bundles if you're a gamer if you wished.


  Fad Gadget 19:35 07 Nov 2007

Davey (Mesh Support),

I have replied personaly (over a month ago now) and still I have had no correspondence from your goodself.

I am happy to recieve Gift vouchers as a gesture of good will.

Can you confirm?

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