MrBen CI:-) 20:50 02 Nov 2007

My families MESH Computer is coming to the end of it's working life & we are looking to replace it with a more updated one.

However after looking through all of the threads/posts written on MESH we are thinking that we may look elsewhere for our new PC.

We have looked at Novatech or doing a DIY build.
We are after good customer support & service
Any thoughts on where else to look?

  harps1h 00:07 03 Nov 2007
  donki 00:38 03 Nov 2007

Where u happy with ur MESH? I bought from Mesh 2 years ago and I had no problems.. there is no doubt they build quality machines probably amoung the best. As has been said over and over its the very small minority that have the problems. GO Mesh GO.

An alternative would be Novatech, u will pay a little more but from what I hear they are an excellent company with breat customer service.

My advie on a self build would be:

1. U wont build computer any cheaper than u can buy.

2. Unless u are 100% sure u know what ur doing dont do it or you could spend many hours on here trying to sort it out.

  Totally-braindead 10:05 03 Nov 2007

If it was me then my votes would go either to Novatech who I have personal experience of and have great customer service or Cougar who I have never used myself but seem to have had a lot of good press on this Forum.

Doing a DIY build is more expensive unless you can use a lot of the parts out of your old PC and thats unlikely as most things have changed, new types of memory, PCI Express graphics replacing AGP, SATA drives replacing IDE etc.

My advice buy a complete system don't try to build yourself as it'll cost you more. And if you choose Vista as an OS get 2 gig of memory.

  wee eddie 10:59 03 Nov 2007

and they certainly have a reputation for well configured PCs.

  MrBen CI:-) 12:39 03 Nov 2007

Will have a closer look at both Novatech & Cougar.
We really need a pc where the customer support & service is 1st class & we are not sure if MESH can deliver this.

  Marko797 12:53 03 Nov 2007

my Mesh is around 4yrs old, n still runs great. I'd buy from them again 4 sure.

  phoenix198 16:07 03 Nov 2007

... although isn't it always. Based on experience:
Novatech - Wide range of well configured and well built machines, albeit that there isn't much room for further configuration within their range - on the website, at least. Reasonably priced. Exceptionally good customer service.
Mesh - Good range, good price, easy configuration on the website. Well priced. Jury still out on customer service - it may well have improved, but heavens, it needed to!
Cougar - Nice systems and well priced. Growing reputation. My only concerm might be that the pC business is ultra-competitive and I just don't know if they have the muscle to stay in the market

  FatboySlim71 23:04 03 Nov 2007

I used Mesh once and found their customer service crap (thats putting it mildly)

My current PC was purchased from Evesham click here. Its been the most stable reliable PC that I have owned. Also on the rare occasions that I have needed to contact customer service by either email of telephone, I found that the service was A1 and so is the quality of their PC's IMO.

  accord 20:01 08 Nov 2007

I can confirm that Novatech are a good company to deal with. I bought a system (code BB-E675P) from their Bristol branch recently and got excellent advise from their sales guy Nic at the branch.

Worked straight out of the box, no problems.

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