mesh 2500sfx

  zanne 22:15 19 Aug 2003

My new toy arrived Saturday at 8am! Fantastic!
Its up and running.Very pleased with myself, I know nothing about comps.Meshs instructions very good. Getting the speaker system tidied up took another few hours.Theres always a but.
Two if not three speakers have no sound comming from them. I've tried swopping them round, connection wise, on the big sub woofer and I think thats where the problem is.The lack of soundis then on the right side rather than the left. Help? Please.


  JJCUK 22:40 19 Aug 2003

do you have your volume control cable plugged intoo the woofer?

if so check the balance control on the volume control knob

and ensure you are set up for 5.1 in control panel,sound and audio devices,speaker settings advanced

  zanne 23:48 19 Aug 2003

my volume control is plugged in and working ok, its when I turn the balance control knob I get no sound at all from one side, but its fine when I turn it in the opposite direction.
my control panel is set for 5.1.

  MESH Response 13:54 20 Aug 2003

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