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  tanzanite 00:08 20 Jul 2003

i have been looking for a webcam and came across the mercury dig cameraclick here can also be used as a webcam,at thirty pound it seems very cheap,im no budding photographer so picture quality isnt that important,although i would like my pics to be viewable,does it seem ok or shall i dig deeper in the pocket for something of better quality?

  jakedawe 00:36 20 Jul 2003

If you use it for any other purpose than as webcam, you are going to be disappointed.

  tanzanite 00:49 20 Jul 2003

That was very brief! Its only for a bit of fun and am not wanting to use it to fill the family album with.

  jakedawe 01:06 20 Jul 2003

It will probably function quite well as a webcam but .3 MP is going to give you very poor pictures (they may be OK if you view them on your comp. and don't try to blow them up.

Frankly, it's a toy but if that's what you want and expect then you'll be satisfied.

  Djohn 01:09 20 Jul 2003

Seems excellent value for the money, I had a look at the photo samples and at the size you see them, they are fine for the price of the camera.

I think it will be a good buy for low resolution snaps on-screen, even a print-out at small size. [say 6x4] I'm sure you realise though that you will not get good results at any size larger than this. It's not a lot of money to lay out, and if you find you like digital photo's you can then start to look for a more suitable model for your needs. Regards. j.

  mikef. 01:15 20 Jul 2003

jakedawe may be short and sweet but he is right at a max resolution of 0.3 mp anything but a thumbnail size print will be next to useless and that is the max resolution and it only stores 26 of those, the lower resolution doesn't bear thinking about. It's a case of you get what you pay for I'm afraid, if you want to see what you should be aiming at look here click here all the cameras there should give you decent pictures.

  tanzanite 10:03 20 Jul 2003

Thanks,i was beginning to feel a tad stupid for putting the post in,at least someone nos where im coming from,its only a starter and like u say I can always get something more suitable if i get into the dig camera mod!

  Stuartli 13:18 21 Jul 2003

Scan of Bolton does the same or very similar Mercury model for £23.44:

click here

It also offers a much more expensive 3.1MP by the same manufacturer (providing it's not a rebadged product)...:-)

  Stuartli 13:47 21 Jul 2003

Even better...

Just had a mail shot from Serif regarding a mini digital camera cum digital camcorder cum webcab for £9.99, including Serif's PhotoPlus 6.5 software free.

Ring 0800-3764800 for details - just ignore all the hype about buying more recent versions of the software...:-)

The spec is only 2MB of memory, 353x288 resolution (adequate for web use) and between 20 to 80 pix, but it's similar to other products costing two or three times as much.

The illustration shows the camera to be quite stylish, but not very large for obvious reasons; could be worth buying for experimenting with before buying something better.

  Gaz 25 01:26 23 Jul 2003

I had the same mailshot, except mine was £6.99, odd.

Also just recieved a tablet for £10.15

  [email protected] 07:36 23 Jul 2003

Try this - seems a lot more for not a lot more £.

click here

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