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  User-9A301A1F-01D2-4B94-A9F1461E8F998ED4 11:53 09 Dec 2004

I'm looking to buy some memory for my system. My motherboard is a ASUS K8V Deluxe for my amd64 machine. I currently have a hynix 512mb pc3200 ddr 400mhz cl3 installed. I wish to stil make use of this but install another 512mb.

What would be the best memory to get that is compatable with the existing memory and the motherboard?

  joe95 12:34 09 Dec 2004

Try Crucial technology for memory, excellent service. I have used them on numerous occasions
Go to their site and type in your m/board details etc . and it will find compatible memory and reasonable price.

Had a look, i will probably end up getting standard memory from someone like crucial but i'm considering high performance memory for gaming. I was wondering if anyone had any opinion on what the best performing memory out there is and wether i could use it.

  Urotsukidoji 15:21 09 Dec 2004


mixing speeds etc is not condusive to a stable platform for doing anything, let alone gaming with

  simonp1 17:06 09 Dec 2004

Well crucial have a balistix range for gaming..i have the same motherboard as you, so im going for PC4000, but pc 3200 would aslo do fine.

click here

Now, if you fancy even higher spec ram, try this

click here

Both are great for gamers and overclockers, but the OZC will be a slighty better performer at a higher cost..

Funny, when i give my motherboard details it says only up to pc3200 memory can be used but then below lists pc4000 memory...

  simonp1 13:23 10 Dec 2004

Yes i know what you mean..confusing isnt it..

ok, your CPU ( although not sure what you have ) will run at, i guess ( if athlon based ) 333mhz..which is 166.67 frequency..( this is in your bios ) so the ram you would choose is PC3200..

Now i have overclocked my CPU and now runs at 400mhz frequency 200. Although i still use PC3200 ( which has been clocked ) i can now run PC4000 without loading the ram..

If you dont intend to play with the set up, then good low latenciy RAM will do the JOB very it will easily overclock to PC4000, with relaxed timings..

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