Memory DDR confusion

  wednesday 13 22:30 17 Aug 2007

I am after purchasing a 2 new ram, but am confused over the DDR. I can get the ones I want in DDR 2 and 4000, where as my motherboard is compatible with 300, 330, 400 etc. is the 400 and 4000 the same or completely different?

  Stuartli 00:11 18 Aug 2007

It would seem that this is the type you require:

click here

  harps1h 07:45 18 Aug 2007

go to click here and there is a tool there which allows you to manually input your system details or it will scan the system and tell you what you need. using either of these tools guarantees compatibility with your motherboard

  newman35 10:14 18 Aug 2007

Sorry to disillusion you, but the Cucial scan tool is no guarantee of the correct memory.
I used it for my computer a week ago, to add 512Mb, and was sent a memory card that did not fit the slot at all. Phoned and they were sorry and, after I read out the numbers on the 512Mb card already installed, they told me to return card for the correct one.
This I did, only to receive a card that did fit, but would not allow the computer to boot up when it was in place! More phone calls, this time I had to remove the original memory and tell them how many 'chips' there were on the card. They had sent me one with 4, whereas mine had 8. They sent out yet another, which thankfully works.
But returning the 'wrong' cards at £4.30 postage each time has made it an expensive business.

  newman35 10:16 18 Aug 2007

Read Crucial for Cucial!

  wednesday 13 18:33 18 Aug 2007

thank you for your help, it turns out it is compatible

  harps1h 22:02 18 Aug 2007

as a final note on the crucial tools. i have used them many times over the years and never had a problem as many others will testify to. i would wish that so many other pc component companies were as diligent. i would recommend them highly

  Stuartli 22:09 18 Aug 2007

Crucial is a benchmark for top products and support.

  newman35 08:19 19 Aug 2007

Yes, I know, but harps1h did say that using the Crucial 'scan tool' was a "guarantee" of the correct part - I merely illustrated that it wasn't, and how expensive it is to keep returning the wrong goods (card cost £15, returns cost £8.60!!).

  Stuartli 11:23 19 Aug 2007

You should have been refunded the cost of the p and p as it seems it wasn't your fault.

Mind you to have had the memory changed so often in just a week seems to strongly support the views about Crucial's superb service...:-)

  newman35 14:05 19 Aug 2007

I did agree about Crucial service, earlier...:-)

I won't find out till my Visa account comes in next month about refunds of postage charges, so I'll let you know.
Crucial offer the choice when something is wrong - they send another out immediately if you make, and pay yet again for, a NEW order, otherwise you have to wait for it to be replaced after it's been posted back and processed. For speed, I chose the former and ordered new again. Would have been much lengthier otherwise.

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