Megafast Broadband??

  Confab 16:03 13 Jun 2004

Have you ever desired a really really fast broadband connection but though that maybe it just isn’t possible? Your reasons for thinking this maybe to do with cost or perhaps it’s just that the technology isn’t here yet.

Well I heard a quite an interesting story the other day which has not got me thinking! Strange I know.

A certain telecommunications company – who shall remain nameless, is testing some new equipment in certain people’s homes. You have to, by all accounts, be one of the select few but I understand it works something like this. Imagine that you want to watch the latest film or a TV programme but you want to watch it when you want to not when its “broadcast”. Well suppose that this phone company could put a box into your house whereby you could download the film or programme at “meagfast” broadband speed and watch it at your leisure. We’ll I understand that this phone company is doing just this as I type.

Without being cynical don’t you think it would be in this company’s interest NOT to make the megafast cheap broadband available to the general public? Not until, at least, their new project is up and running. So, for all of you who want cheap really fast broadband, it is here, so I believe, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for it.

  gabriella 16:41 13 Jun 2004


This is very interesting...any more details available?

Gabiella x

  Mister Splendid 17:30 13 Jun 2004

For this to be of any use to any of us, we need to know the name of the telecommunications company.

  Tim1964 23:23 13 Jun 2004

Available in the Greater London area.

  Grey Man 23:34 13 Jun 2004

its all well and good having a super fast internet connection but a bit useless at most times as servers are struggling to cope with the huge demands of speed. my measly 750k blueyonder often cannot be fullfilled (even when i was downloading the SP1a enterprise patch from Microsoft at 20KB/s !!!)

  Forum Editor 23:35 13 Jun 2004

it's available now, over pretty well the whole of the Greater London area. I'm not sure about the term 'Megafast' broadband though - it runs at 1Mb, which is readily available from many ISPs. I use a 1Mb connection, as do many forum members.

You mentioned testing, and being one of the select few, so you may be referring to something else, although I can't think what. Homechoice is available to anyone in London and the surrounding area, provided they are able to have a broadband connection.

  Quiller. 06:57 14 Jun 2004

I agree with Grey Man as quite often the severs are struggling with the load.

Mega fast broadband? 13Mps download, 1.6Mps upload. fluke? click here

  Forum Editor 07:08 14 Jun 2004

we can't see the image you've linked us to, bsod - your photo album is password protected.

  Quiller. 07:42 14 Jun 2004

Strange it usually goes straight to my album.

click here

  The Spires 10:31 14 Jun 2004

I much prefer the likes of click here

  The Spires 10:32 14 Jun 2004

I much prefer the likes of click here

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