Medion wireless keyboard and optical mouse

  SonnyB 21:46 08 Apr 2004

I have just purchased this from Aldi for £19.99 which is quite cheap, but I have stayed away from such things in the past four two reasons.
They are not too responsive and I do not like the idea of battery powered keyboard and mouse.
Well for only £20 I thought i would try.
Does anyone know how long the batteries are likely to last and are such devices as good as wired ones?

  carver 22:08 08 Apr 2004

I bought the same keyboard and mouse in December and the keyboard still has the same batteries, the mouse is a bit different and needs some good quality rechargeable batteries and they should last about 2 weeks between charging. If you are buying rechargeable batteries spend a little bit more on high quality ones and you will not regret it. The mouse is not to bad for games but it can get annoying if you catch the extra side buttons, it can throw the game a bit, my kids swap the mouse over to a cheap optical USB mouse for games and use that instead.

  SonnyB 22:15 08 Apr 2004

Thanks carver. Two weeks even for rechargeables seems awfully short a span of time. Its a nice ergonomically designed mouse but I may have to re-think if that is all I get as i don't know if I can be bothered to re-charge every couple of weeks.

  zebbydog 08:29 09 Apr 2004

I also have the medion mouse and keyboard and find the mouse not so good for games.
When i try to change to a ps2 mouse it doe,s not work. Do you have to disable the cordless one first Zebby

  Stuartli 10:48 09 Apr 2004

I have a Typhoon Navigator wireless keyboard and mouse which I bought two years ago at Lidl (it's a rebranded A4Tech product).

I've had to change the two original akaline AA batteries in the keyboard just once and the mouse's two AAA batteries about seven times during that period.

For the record I use my computer for at least five or six hours a day and sometimes even longer (which doesn't go down well with the better half, but at least it's quiet in the front room apart from my typing)...:-)

  SonnyB 16:23 09 Apr 2004

Thats good to know although it is the mouse I am more concerned about as it is obviuosly prone to more power usage than the keyboard.

  carver 19:16 09 Apr 2004

Any cordless mouse is going to use batteries, that is why it's called a "cordless mouse". If you can not be bothered to spend 2 Min's every 2 weeks to change 2 batteries then just keep your old mouse or spend £30 on one with a built in charger station. zebbydog, you have to use a USB mouse, with one of those it's just a case of leaving the other Medion mouse still for while you use the other mouse.

  Stuartli 14:38 10 Apr 2004

Strictly speaking it's called a cordless mouse for the simple reason it doesn't have a cord...:-)

You wouldn't call a basic PS2 mouse a batteries-less mouse, would you?

  carver 17:28 10 Apr 2004

What does your 'cordless mouse' work with 'gas power'

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