medion uk poor backup

  nobbyhigo 00:09 10 Apr 2003

does anyone have the name of the MD.of Medion or the address for complaints. i have been waiting since january for a replacement mouse with little joy after numerous excuses by email blaming customs and delivery. it came to a head when they supplied the same mouse 400 yards away from my home at Aldi, any suggestions .
spitting blood, Nobby.

  Newuser38 08:52 10 Apr 2003

Medion Electronics Ltd, 130 Faraday Park,Faraday Road,Dorcan, Swindon, SN35JF.

Phone 08707270370 fax 01793715716 email [email protected].

  davidg_richmond 12:34 10 Apr 2003

you're paying rock bottom prices for imported machines, not surprised the backup isn't that great!

good luck

  vaughan007 13:00 10 Apr 2003

Dont think the price or anything else has anything to do with it.

It took me 5 months to get a replacement mouse from Microsoft.

After about 15 phone calls, being sent the wrong mouse (twice) and a mouse not arriving after they "reckon" they sent it. I finally got the right mouse.

  nobbyhigo 14:06 10 Apr 2003

oh yes its arrived this morning i agree vaughn the price has s*d all to do with it the service was cr*p i reckon they should employ the iraq information minister he would fit in well Then maybe then if i told georgie boy were he was, oh i rant , any way im gonna fondle me mouse now.
thanks chaps

  Vixenight 22:57 10 Apr 2003

I bought a Medion Computer in January It is an excellent machine and splendid value. I have just bought the 5.1 Speaker System £30 very good value.I contacted their help line for some info and connected after 10 minutes The advice was exact and solved my minor problem which was nota fault but a query about the training info. All in i am delighted with the system service and value. VIXENIGHT

  NICK ADSL UK 23:13 10 Apr 2003

hi nobby If you purchase your computer from pc world you will get no service from medion if you purchase elsewhere your service will be from medion it is a very good computer but for very skilled people only as the bios and certain drivers can not be updated which means a very technical work around

  Andy. 00:05 11 Apr 2003

I agree with vixenight, Medion can and frequently do show the rest of the Computer-world how to sell and look after customers.

I had a Medion, my first computer and I'm glad I picked them, they helped me with any small problem that newcomers all too often have, and although I now realise that each of my problems were my own doing, they treated me as customer without talking down to me(as some of the so called big boy's in the uk have done) in my estimation (feel free to disagree) it comes down to only 3 or 4 Computer manufacturers in the UK that I would even think of dealing with because they all seem to have problems, and as always do your homework before buying.
One last thing, it amazes me that people do not use this website before buying, all the help and advice is here, I use it, and I recommend it,

  Kyomii 01:08 11 Apr 2003

>>>very skilled people only as the bios and certain drivers can not be updated <<<

I don't know where you got your information from, but it is incorrect. Medion have the bios and the driver updates on their website - I have never had a problem updating a driver on a Medion machine or laptop because they use branded parts, so, if its not available on their website, you go the manufacturer of the parts site and get it from there.

  cheekychops 02:59 11 Apr 2003

Good to read all the messages re Medion. My experience leaves me wishing I'd never bought a Medion laptop!!! To start with, the hard drive gave up after just 2 months - it took Medion a whole month after receiving it for repair before they even got it into the workshop. Then when I got it back, the hdd couldn't be found by the BIOS - the same prob as it was sent back for. Hotline told me to do this, that and the other - but still no luck. Back went the machine again and they replaced the whole machine this time, only for me to discover they had not transferred the 256Mb RAM upgrade from the first laptop(just the meagre 128Mb it ships with), so at the mo it's still with them so they can put the 256Mb RAM into the new machine - I am totally fed up to say the least!!!!!

Also, did you know that when you wish to upgrade the RAM in a Medion laptop, the machine has to be stripped right down to do it????? Yeah, I found that out when I wanted to upgrade from the 128Mb to the 256Mb!!!!

  Kyomii 16:10 11 Apr 2003

Did you take anti-static precautions when installing the new RAM because a hard drive and other components can easily be damaged by static.

Its worth remembering that all major manufacturers can't have 100 percent perfect machines - its also possible that the laptop could have been dropped or mishandled in transit and offloading - remember that these are shipped from Germany and their success rate is very high considering.

I have a Medion laptop that came with 256 DDR - had it 8 months now and not a single problem, and judging by others who have bought them, it does sound like you were unlucky.

Most laptops require the top taking off to install the RAM and other components - they are completely different than desktops!

On my laptop though, there is five access points underneath the machine so that you can get at main components such as the processor very easily.

Medion also provide full details on access and how to take the top off carefully in their mannual on the laptop I have.

My only contact with Medion was 18 months ago when the DVD drive died in my desktop - I must admit that they were slow in sorting it out and I complained to the company.

However, since then I believe they have improved - but slow customer service seems to be an issue with many of the pc manufacturers - its an issue that many of them should focus on more, without a doubt

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