Medion terrible service

  rickf 12:22 28 Jul 2012

Got in touch with Medion re problem with my laptop via email. Got an automatic response quickly re receipt, then nothing for almost 2 weeks. They sell a lot of laptops usually with pretty good specs but if this is their response I won't buy another from them. Anyone with same experience??

  spuds 13:08 28 Jul 2012

Not so much a problem with a Medion laptop, but a Medion Monitor and the 3 year warranty.

Had another make monitor that was causing sudden problems, so a quick trip to Staples to get another monitor. Decided on a Medion, and was informed that the unused display only model was the last in stock, so decided to take that. Noticing that the instruction booklet was missing,and Staples could not find it. I thought on returning home that I would contact Medion to register the 3 year warranty and request a copy of the instruction book, if available.

Registered the monitor and paid a fee for a copy of the instructions. I explained at the time that it might have been Staples who had lost the booklet, as they had the monitor on show for sales purposes. A day or so later, Medion contacted me to state that the monitor warranty was void, "because the monitor was second user or second-hand, and as such no warranty". Long story,that took unnecessary work on my part, but eventually Staples offered to honour the full warranty.

I must add though, that I have owned other Medion devices, and all have served me very well.

Plus I believe since the time I was talking about, Medion might have changed ownership or done changes to their UK division (could be wrong though?)so I would suggest that you recheck the communication details for Medion?.

  birdface 13:32 28 Jul 2012

I believe they have a Uk place that you can phone for help.

Never tried it mid you.

I have had a few little problems with my Medion and I would say contacting them leaves a lot to be desired.

The Uk branch not sure if it was those that you contacted or whether it was the main Depot in Germany.

  canarieslover 13:36 28 Jul 2012

My last Medion spent 56 days and approximately 2000 miles of travelling when the power supply went belly up a couple of years ago. Nice machine that seemed excellent value for money until customer service was taken into consideration. I have since replaced the machine and needless to say it's not a Medion.

  rickf 17:12 28 Jul 2012

Thanks for the support. My problem is the graphics card has a fault. Anyway it's lasted me a few years and out of warranty. What I wnated was to see how much the repair would coast, but no response. I'll sell it for parts. I agree that when working they are fantastic laptops but with customer service like this I would not want the hassle when things go wrong under warranty.

  Forum Editor 23:24 28 Jul 2012

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  sdwhite 19:18 30 Aug 2012

Medions customer service is beyond appalling. They sound disgruntled and miserable when you ring up for help and when you I finally sent my Laptop away for repair it came back with the same problem, It's now the 3rd time I have sent my Laptop back with exactly the same problem....appalling.

  Nontek 21:17 30 Aug 2012

Try Novatech for your next PC/Laptop, their Service is just superb.

Only place I know where one can buy a pre-installed OS laptop, for instance, with no Bloatware!

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