Medion Service Atrocious

  woodchip 21:29 29 Jun 2005

Got aMedion Desktop From Makro 28 April 04,
then buy a Medion Laptop From Makro about three months after as I was happy with Desktop and all backup discs. Now Hear it comes the bad, Service that is. About 2 months after buying Laptop, Desktop starts with intermittent fault, not booting up it was sent back to Medion about three or four times all same problem, last time I got it back November 04 time all connecters to front USB and firewire sound etc disconnected but computer running, so takes side of and find the plugs had been pulled of, I reconnected these and computer runs until 27 April 05 then it stopped dead same problem from new. After many phone calls they say they will fit a new Mobo as gesture of good will, this is on 6May 05. Still numerous phone calls and no computer no MOBO I cannot find words to describe the so called promises that have been broken. If Medion Read this you need to get your act together and look after your customers in a proper way. Or you will finish up like Tiny Computers did. It does not take effort to get a BAD NAME but it does to Create a good one plus it brings in custom. I should know as I was a One man band in General building, My work sold it's self. yours will lose custom.

  woodchip 17:14 30 Jun 2005

No Medion takers for this then. I would not buy one again Just on Service

  Zurdo 18:30 30 Jun 2005

I only today had a new DVD Rom fitted to my Medion bought about a year ago. The service was fine. After ringing them about the problem ( the drive wouldn't read disc) they immediately said they would arrange for an engineer to come to my home and fit a new drive. The repair was carried out by Repair Line who rang me to arrange a date. The engineer even rang about an hour before arriving to make sure we were in and ten minutes after arriving the comp was back to normal. From ringing Medion to today's action took about 2 weeks. I'm not complaining, they seemed fine in this case.

  daveeb 18:49 30 Jun 2005

I've only got experience of their e-mail support service...its non existent. i have discussed this with many people on a medion forum and we all agree that any problem you have ends either with a reply e-mail several weeks later telling you to ring their helpline as they do not have enough information (even when a thorough and precise description of the problem is given) or they will advise flashing the bios whatever the problem. Hopeless

  spuds 22:34 30 Jun 2005

I have always stated that Medion supply a good product, which is usually good value for money. My only grumble is the customer service side, which I have mentioned within the forum previously. In my previous case, Medion excepted and registered a warranty, then two days later, they notified me that they had cancelled the warranty, due to Staples having displayed the item that I purchased."The item was now second hand, and no longer new".

  Dipso 22:37 30 Jun 2005

I have contacted CS by email on one occasion and although the reply took its time, I did get one and they duplicated my problem (ZA Free conflict with card reader) on a machine they had and came back to me with the solution.

I have also had an engineer out to replace my wireless card. Like Zurdo, they gave me the engineers name and he telephoned 30 minutes before arriving. The card wasn't actually faulty but I wasn't charged and the engineer helped me set up a wireless network.

I can't fault them and would definitely buy/recommend Medion.

Just down to personal experiences really.

  Hoseman 15:26 01 Jul 2005

I would agree with their service being bad. I had to wait 2 months to get a graphics card changed. The people I spoke to on the helpline just didnt have a clue as to what was happening and or even what was likely to happen. Porbably isnt their fault and its just a badly set up and run operation. As a result I was continously fobbed off.

I like the pc I have and when it needs replacing I would try to pick a company that has a good product and decent customer service. Problem is, they arent many of these when it comes to PCs.

  woodchip 10:35 04 Jul 2005

Wonders never cease to amaze me. I have had a E-Mail from Medion that as given me more confidence that the above problem may be resolved. We shall See, Awaiting further developments. And if it is Resolved as it should be, I will thank this Forums position and what PCA stands for, as I think that my first post to this thread had the desired effect.

Keep you all informed on how things go.

  mike1967 21:08 04 Jul 2005

I could not fault there customer servive mine was delivered with a faulty power supply, but this was replaced next day with an engineer visit to the house, so 10 out of 10 from me.

  ethelene 14:09 05 Jul 2005

I too am very satisfied with both the medion computers and service.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

  woodchip 15:06 05 Jul 2005

If you had this Medion and the Service I have received I don't think you would be Happy.

By the way I am still Waiting

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