Medion on sale at Aldi's

  cairdie 20:58 08 Jan 2003
  cairdie 20:58 08 Jan 2003

Dear computer friends. Aldi are selling Medion's tomorrow Thursday 10/1/03. £679 will get you a 2.6 P4 120 gig 7200 hard drive. 128 Geoforce card. DVD drive, Cd writer. TV stereo tuner and radio. 236 DDr 333 ram, etc, etc. Is this a bargain? Also 15 inch TFT monitor for £179. Offer starts at 9 am.

  TBH1 21:58 08 Jan 2003

yep, this is a bargain - - -- usually see these advertised in ComputerActive a week or so in advance but nothing on tomorrow's sale, saw it myself in today's Daily Mail. If only I needed one - - -

  bigdamouk 22:54 08 Jan 2003

looks good.....the only thing i want to know is which geforce4 is it??? it dosent say?

  pug-boy 23:23 08 Jan 2003

don't think you get a warranty with that do you?

If I remember correctly it's a geforce 4 ti4200.

Search through the last months Aldi postings, I know someone posted a full spec somewhere.

  TBH1 23:54 08 Jan 2003

full 12 month warranty - and local rate service helpline - oh, graphics card has 128mb ddr sdram

  bvw in bristol 00:00 09 Jan 2003

My Aldi PC has performed faultlessly since April. Considering the number of machines they must sell I've seen hardly any threads here complaining about them.

Medion provide a 12 month warranty.

I saw the pc's in Aldi when they first came out, and could not fault them on specification. Everything seemed to be good quality components.

If you want to see how good a deal these pc's are, try and build a similar spec machine on the Mesh or Novatech sites. These companies usually charge a fair price, but they can't get near this spec for the price Aldi has.

PS There was recently a review of the machine on the PC Pro website (can you mention other mags in here - oops). However I just searched for it, any can't locate it.
From memory the review was favourable (4 or 5 stars), their main issue was with the build quality at the front of the case, which was a bit cheap and nasty.

I read all the postings and decided to take the plunge and buy one. So for anybody else considering buying one, here is a brief review.

First the spec:

P4 2.66 Ghz
256MB DDR 333
120 GB 7200 rpm HDD
128mb 8xAgp Nvidia GeForce 4 TI 4200 Graphics Card
CD Writer - 40x12x48
TV & FM Radio tuner card.
5 x USB 2.0 ports
1 Firewire port
Ethernet port
Connect XL (can read several types of memory card)
5.1 audio (onboard)
Windows Xp Home (pre-installed)
Worksuite 2003
Power DVD
Power Cinema
Power Director

Note: No speakers or monitor.

Firstly the price £680! I looked long and hard and could not get a system of similar spec anywhere near the price.

Setting up was as easy as it always is nowadays, and the machine booted with no problems. All the software is preinstalled. The first thing you notice is just how quiet this machine is. It is almost silent, the only noise it makes is when the graphics card fan kicks in.

I don't have any benchmarking software, so I can't give you a precise number to determine the speed of the machine. What I can tell you is that it is as fast as I expected it to be, and massively faster than my old AMD 1Ghz. Playing games (SOFII & Champ Man 00-01) graphics are fast and smooth.

The HDD is split into 3 partitions (Boot, Backup, Recove). The backup and recover drives contain drivers for the hardware and the recovery program should things go wrong. I thought that the sizes given over to the recovery & backup partitions were a bit daft (50% of total), but a quick hack and slash with partition magic, re-sized and created some new partitions for music and video files.

CD & DVD drives: Both work fine, the CD drive is a sony unit with buffer underrun and the dvd appears to be an unbranded unit. The 40x write speed for CD-R's is excellent, with a full cd taking just a few minutes to burn.

Connect XL: Takes up the final 5.25" slot. Has 3 USB2 ports, game port, firewire, audio, s-video, compact flash, smart media, memory stick, Sd/MMC. There is a drop down cover for when nothing is plugged in, this is a bit flimsy, but you can always leave it down as it is flush to the case.

Build quality: The PC comes in a smallish tower (aprox 14" high). The front of the case has 3 covers for the cd/dvd drives and the connect xl panel. The panel covers are pretty flimsy and will not stand up to much abuse. Also the eject buttons for the two drives are stupidly positioned, when the drives are open, most of the eject button is covered by the drop down panel.

Of the installed software, I was not very impressed with worksuite. However I am used to working with Office Pro and worksuite was too basic for me. Money 2003, Encarta & Autoroute were welcome additions which I always find to be invaluable. So I removed most of Worksuit 2003 and installed Office.

I have only had a brief look through the movie/music programs as I don't use them for anything but the most basic function. Power Cinema lets you watch and record both TV and FM radio (you will need a tv ariel). Power director is for editing moves (I won;t use it, so it can't comment). Power DVD is standard and works well. There was also a music jukebox program (I have forgotton the name), it was freeware and looked awfull so it was immeditely deleted. The system comes with Windows Media Player 9 which is enough for me.

The machine comes with a 1 year guarantee and telephone support from medion.

In summary: I think this machine is a winner due to one factor...Price. The superb value for money makes the few small niggles fade into insignificance. I would however express caution if you are intending to buy the machine for children (or clumsy adults) to use, they will make short work of the flimsy drive covers. But is you are looking for a cheap base unit that is lighting quick, has huge storage, good graphics and all the ports that you could possibly need then I would take a long look at the Medion.

  spuds 17:15 19 Jan 2003

My local Aldi seems to have reduced the price further.I visited there last Friday, and the price board had been altered 'twice'.They had no monitors for sale though!.

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