Medion Q6600 3gb Base Unit from Tesco

  aleso 11:20 20 Sep 2008

Can anyone tell if this Computer is a good buy??I don't know my arse from my elbow when it comes to buying a computer!
What i'm looking for is a computer where i can listen to music,download movies and play games such as Football Manager & WII strategy games.
I've got £650 to spend,that includes buying a widescreen monitor.I would also like it to be future proof for 2 yrs.

  version8 12:13 20 Sep 2008

Medion are a German company that used to sell in Lidl & Aldi.
You could try looking at some one like Novatech.

  peter99co 12:23 20 Sep 2008

I have two Medion PC's and had no problems.

Cheap but reliable. Spend money on the add-ons

  rickf 13:13 20 Sep 2008

Be selective. £650 buys a lot of PC nowadays. Can't answer your question more specifically as you have not provided a link to reveal the specs of this PC>

  chub_tor 18:06 20 Sep 2008

click here$4294956547/Nr.99.aspx is the link. Yes it is an excellent spec with a huge 1000Gb hard drive and a BluRay DVD, Intel 2 Quad core and an nvidia GeForce 9300GS graphics card.

  chub_tor 18:08 20 Sep 2008

click here try this link

  canarieslover 19:41 20 Sep 2008

DVD drive is BluRay compatible which only indicates that it will read them, not that it will write them. Otherwise it seems to be a reasonable buy for the price.

  GaT7 15:30 21 Sep 2008

Also consider click here with a 22" TFT, & if you also need an all-in-one = £479. DVD-writer but no Blu-Ray drive.

The PC has a PCI-E slot & 6pin connector. So with the remaining money, you could upgrade the graphics card to quite a good one (~£100) - PSU will handle a 9800GT. Also upgrade the RAM to 3-4Gb (~£25) if necessary.

Grand total will be just over £600. G

  Stuartli 16:06 21 Sep 2008

Medion doesn't actually make computers or anything else - it's a distributor and rebadges computers, electronic components, digital cameras etc under its own name to sell via its partners such as Aldi.

  Stuartli 16:08 21 Sep 2008

Medion has never sold its products, to the best of my knowledge, in Lidl.

Targa was Lidl's main brand in this field and it also has the Silvercrest brand name (another distributor that rebadges specialist products).

  aleso 23:59 21 Sep 2008

Overall,Would i better off better buying the Dell that Crossbow7 has mentioned and adding the upgrades or the Medion that myself & chub_tor as mentioned and do i really need BluRay??

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