Medion customer service

  seantellis 13:50 16 May 2005

A warning to anyone considering buying a laptop from Medion ( don't.

In November, I bought a laptop from them on behalf of my brother in law. All was well if running for short periods of time, but after he got it, it would crash repeatedly after about an hour of use. If you turn off and leave it for an hour, it would work for an hour. Obviously a heat-related problem, I thought.

I arranged a RMA with Medion (early January by now) and they agreed to repair it "within 28 days, usually much faster". Their courier picked it up, which was good.

After 2 weeks without even an acknowledgement of receipt, I phoned them and got a noncomittal response.

When I phoned again after 30 days, I had a very revealing phone call. First, they said that, contrary to previous calls, they were still waiting for parts (and they didn't know when they would get them). Second, when asked the model number, the guy on the phone expressed incredulity - "Where did you get this? We haven't sold them since 2003."

I had been sold a refurbished unit as new.

This is in breach of the Sales of Goods Act.

After discussing this with my brother in law, I asked for an immediate refund. What follows was a litany of buck-passing, "it's with finance", "you'll definitely get a refund by Friday", "the cheque's in the post" kind of incompetent runaround.

Now, eventually, I did manage to extract the blood from the stone and get my basic money back, but only after getting trading standards involved.

This was by refund on my credit card, a process that should have been done in one day.

However, that's not good enough. I've been annoyed, embarassed and generally inconvenienced by this, and furthermore have incurred 4 months of charges on my phone and credit card for the privilege of lending these people £500. I don't see why I should be out of pocket for that.

I have been informed by Medion, in no uncertain terms, that I'm not going to see this money back.

Hence the post here. Avoid this company at all costs, or it'll end up costing you.

  spuds 14:29 16 May 2005

It is the general rule of the forum, that contributers try to refrain from using words that suggest or imply 'avoid'.[PCA terms and conditions].

Having said that, I have had the short end of the stick with Medion, and their customer relations. In my case it was the purchase of a Medion branded monitor. Monitor was purchased from Staples as the last display model in stock,with a two year warranty.Registered the warranty with Medion, and in casual conversation mentioned that the monitor had been on visual display. Medion confirmed that the warranty had been accepted. Two days later, I received a faxed message stating that the warranty had been cancelled, due to the fact that the monitor was now a second user item.Staples had displayed the model, as a product advertisement.

Staples, Medion and myself went through a letter writing session, which eventually ended up with Medion offering a twelve month warranty, as a gesture of goodwill. Cutting a long story short, Staples supplied a full warranty cover for the monitor.

Medion supply very good products, and I cannot fault the monitor in any way.I have other Medion branded products, and again the product as been first rate. But their customer service is very lacking, when I have had need to call upon it.No doubt other people may perhaps state otherwise, but that is the way things are nowadays, I suppose.

  woodchip 18:32 17 May 2005

Can I had that I have had poor service with a Medion Desktop. But not the Medion Laptop I bought about six weeks before the desktop started acting up. Intermittent Motherboard fault from about July Aug last year, the computer just refuses to boot until it got some boot. Repair man first fitted new PSU that did NIX, then went back to Medion about Tree or Four times all the same problem they even said there was nothing they could find as bouncing about in the Courier van brought it back from the Dead. Last time they had the computer in November There was a letter attached saying reseated something, Guess what they had removed three plugs for front devices so the USB etc at the front did not work. I took the side off and fitted these plugs. Now from begging of April the computer started it's old tricks, Finally it gave out on the 27 April And still Waiting they said they will fit a Motherboard as goodwill gesture BUT WHEN

  tenplus1 22:53 17 May 2005

My wife purchased a Medion laptop 2 years ago and so far it's been working great... (Touch wood)

Although as a general rule of thumb, we bought it from Aldi's so that we could actually check the laptop beforehand... Delivered goods tend to have a few problems in the post...

  Cybermaxx 22:59 17 May 2005

Medion have been okay with me. I've phoned up for technical support twice since my PC's warranty expired (I bought it from Toys r Us), and they've been helpful on both occasions. The machine itself has been trouble free, although I do wish I'd opted for a PC with more expansion capability (you live and learn).

  Stuartli 09:41 18 May 2005

Medion is a rebadger - it doesn't actually manufacture what it sells (see its website for its company philosophy).

That's why most of its products are very good value for money and usually have better than average specifications for the price.

If I remember correctly it use to rebadge Scott manufactured monitors under its own name and sell the 17in version at £99 at Aldi and other outlets.

I acquired one on behalf of a friend and its been running perfectly for at least three years (one forum member, in fact, even suggested it was a rebadged iiyama model).

  Hoseman 12:22 25 May 2005

I bought a Medion pc in 2003 and have been very pleased with it but recently it developed a fault whereby I boot it up and the picture starts going fuzzy and just dies.

I called their support, spoke to guy who advised me it was the graphics card. This part has to be ordered (from Germany) so I chased to see what the situation is and was given info like we have a 28 day turnaround time or we have a delivery coming in this week or next. It seems like they cant actually tell which parts are coming or even what the status is with the actual part. We're talking Germany here and not some planet in the galaxy which is really hard to reach or commumnicate with.

Well, the 28 days is approaching this week and now they are saying theres not much we can do so why the **** have I been constantly quoted this 28 days rubbish.

Anyway I have spoken to some helpful people but most of the time they have been pretty useless as well as clueless offering little or no information.

Rant over.

  woodchip 17:24 25 May 2005

As above my medion is still waiting

  fred 20:41 25 May 2005

e-mailed them two years ago. Still waiting for a reply

  fred 20:41 25 May 2005

e-mailed them two years ago. Still waiting for a reply

  fred 20:41 25 May 2005

Sorry for the double post

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