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  woodchip 22:29 08 May 2004

Just got a new one, Only a 2.6 Celeron but loads of good Hardware includes on the front 3 USB2 ports 1 Firewire port Sound and Mic ports and Joy stick port,
and Floppy disc. DVDRW+CDRW Round back 4 more USB2 ports 1 Firewire Sound and Mic ports S\Video from Radion Card onboard sound front and rear Parallel and Serial ports plus some more 80Gb 7200rpm Drive split into three with C:\ as Main Drive D:\ Backup Drive and E:\ as Restore Drive all cables Full XP oem CD. a Restore Disc that can restore in three different ways,

Just System start file

or System and Drivers

or Full Restore back to factory defaults and it works as I have tried it to make sure, no good waiting till it goes flop.

NERO 6 Full CD oem

Work 7 which I removed as I use WordPerfect

No Monitor

But for the Price £410 inc VAT what more could you wish for.

The Best CD support I have ever seen. And if Medion keep this up, They are going to get a lot of satisfied customers

  Zak 23:02 08 May 2004

Nice one, where did you buy it please?

Enjoy yor new PC.

  Dragon Heart 00:00 09 May 2004

I got a Medion 8083 from ALDI last month; assume you also got the 3 year on site guarantee?

My only minor complaint is that the inside of the case is very tight and the memory chips were not pushed in properly, but after adding another 512 mb the memory sockets were very snug fitting.

Great PC, even the case has proper feet. Quiet and cool running.

Looks like you also got a good bargain at £410.

I’ve had PC’s from Tiny (the ‘old’ Tiny), Dell and HP. The Dell comes second to the Medion on price and content. The Dell’s case was easier to access and work in.

I know Medion’s are also sold at P C World but if they were the sole retailer I would not buy another. The ALDI staff knows little or nothing about the tech side but at least they are polite and courteous.

Enjoy and spread the word.

  bvw in bristol 01:25 09 May 2004

I've two Medions networked here next purchase will be another Medion....never a problem with them over the years :)

One machine from Aldi and one from PC World (who provided excellent service by the way).

  Stuartli 09:02 09 May 2004

Medion doesn't actually make computer systems - it buys them in bulk from a manufacturer and rebadges them under its own name.

Such purchasing power means the systems always represent superb value for money and one of the reasons why they quickly sell out when Aldi, for instance, does its two or three times a year Medion system special.

It's the same for components and peripherals from Medion.

  geordielad307 09:32 09 May 2004

Hi Guys, don't post often, but read all the posts with great interest. OK ... my problem :

I too bought an Aldi Medion setup here in Germany, along with a Wireless Router. Now ,, you won't believe this ... as both hand-books were in German, I contacted my Medion hotline with a request to purchase of both books in English ...

"No problem, I will check the stock for you" said the operator. He came back with the message,

"Sorry, these books are only available here in Germany in German, Spanish, and French ... try Medion UK " ...

OK, no great deal.

I contact Medion UK, and they tell me these particular models are only distributed in Germany, but they are searching around for something that will be of some help.

Where do I now go ... What do I do.?

  geordielad307 09:44 09 May 2004

Whoops, sorry guys and gals, after posting realised that I had forgotten to say that it was a Medion Laptop that I purchased. Makes a big difference to the situation I know.

  Stuartli 10:23 09 May 2004

Ask the Medion support team who made the laptop model for the company (the last Medion laptop on sale here in the UK was a rebadged German built Gericom model); you may well discover that the manufacturer sold the same or similar model in the UK either under its own name or it could have been a rebadged version.

Or try Gericom's UK website:

click here

  woodchip 13:37 09 May 2004

From MAKRO Warehouse

  spuds 16:38 09 May 2004

What is the terms/conditions re Medion warranty and support via Makro outlet.

  woodchip 17:01 09 May 2004

I can just take it back during the first twelve months and ask for my money back if it goes Bong and am not happy with it. This goes for all they sell, never had a prob just keep receipt. only CD's if there is nothing wrong with them but I have taken CD software back and got my money back. one disc was faulty

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