rivington 20:16 20 Nov 2008

Just seen this comp advertize at Aldi.
4GB ram. 1000GB hd etc. Any comments from you guys. Is it worth looking at seriously, don't know much about Medion any comments.


  curofone 21:01 20 Nov 2008

I brought a cheap medion laptop from aldi about a year and half go and pretty good to me, the motherboard died on it after about a year but was not a problem as had the three warranty and was all fixed under that.

The machine you are talking about looks pretty highend for medion and i would like to know how much it costs. I am a bit surprised it does not have blu-ray in with that spec but that can always be added on later if needed.

Personally i would by a second medion if i needed another machine due to simple fact that they generally use good components, well put together, at affordable prices and a 3 year warranty

  wjrt 21:09 20 Nov 2008
  curofone 21:48 20 Nov 2008

for £499 you really can not go wrong, epescially when you factor in the 3 year warranty which i imagine most manufacturers would charge another £150 for really makes that machine a bargin.

I like the fact that you actually get a vista 64bit dvd too, i know the reviews of 64bit vista have been less that fantastic but at least it will allow you to get the full 4gb of the ram unlike the 32bit version

if i had a spare £500 i would be buying it without hesitation, just got to remember with these aldi deals you have to get to the shop nice an early and queue for a bit

  roddypoddy 09:31 21 Nov 2008

Looks a great value machine,if i was in the market for a new pc i,d seriously consider getting one myself.
My daughter has a medion laptop,the screen started getting a vertical line down it,after 8 months of use,phoned Medion and it was replaced without question within a week or so.

  rivington 11:51 21 Nov 2008

Thank you guys for your comments.
Yes I would say a good price considering 3years warranty included. As far as Blu-Ray is concerned that can be added later.
Must remember to get there early.
Any further comment welcomed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:04 21 Nov 2008

click here for anyone interested and Medion are excellent computers.


  mikef. 21:09 21 Nov 2008

Posting this from a Medion, more than pleased, had Hard drive problems, replaced with no problems or arguments at home, since then, touch wood, no problems what so ever, and looking at the components all quality well known brands

  jakimo 23:42 21 Nov 2008

Medion are generally a reliable piece of kit, we have bought 3 in the last 5 years,although the psu failed in one of them.

But there has been reviews of some of the latest PCs with large HDs being noisy,as they have had 2x500Gbs HDs installed in tandem making them very noisy,best to check if this applies to the P 7300 before committing

  curofone 00:47 22 Nov 2008

Personally if it was me i would prefer 2 500gb drives as then you could have them in a RAID configuration (i assume the mobo will support it). I do not see why two seperate 500gb drives would make the machice that much noiser than a just 1 drive as long as the case has been well desgin and it has been put together well.

The only time i have ever really heard a hdd in a desktop over the fans is when it has been but together poorly and there is a lot of vibrations coming from it.

  rikfrog 20:15 24 Nov 2008

I see it has the nvidea 9600gt graphics card which can be paired with another, do you think the pc would come with an sli capable motherboard if it has this card?

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