Medion 8383 TV Card - Any Solution Yet ??

  Nullgrad 09:48 05 Dec 2004

Has there been any development on the Medion TV Card problem yet ?.

I am able to record using the 5 terrestial channels and the player does play files recorded on my Nebula TV card so thats a bit of progress on my part, but still no sign of the missing Freeview channels.

Has anyone picked up the Freeview channels using an aerial yet ?? This is the method I use for the Nebula TV card.

  Modo 15:38 05 Dec 2004

No reports of anybody being able to imorove on the MD8383's first scan results.

No reports of a solution from Medion - I've e-mailed them.

No reports from anybody who has had a visit from an engineer - in fact no reports of an actual visit, I've e-mailed the guy who said Medion had booked a call.

At the moment it seems tat the software/hardware works best in Yorkshire and works reasonably in The Midlands probably off the Waltham Transmitter.

The only patter I can discerne in the succesful reports is a very strong transmitter in proximity transmitting in Channels in the [email protected] and possibly 50's.

Germany is now reporting the same issue as is Denmark.

  Nullgrad 15:46 05 Dec 2004

What a frustrating situation - I assume with so many people reporting it Medion will be taking it seriously and it'll get resolved asap.

  Nullgrad 16:20 05 Dec 2004

this is an interesting thread along similar lines...

click here

  Nullgrad 12:27 06 Dec 2004

My own opinion is that the TV card has been wrongly described as picking up Digital TV Channels when it only picks Digital Terrestial TV Channels.

I've also noticed that if you try and record with the setting on "Preview" the program crashes. If you record with the setting on "Time Shifting" it will record the program but the fan kicks in and drowns out the TV (unless you are listening on headphones).

  Conquest 13:52 06 Dec 2004

I purchased a Medion MD8383 and found that it would only tune in 16 Freeview Channels. Even after a retune it still failed to pick up the missing TV channels or any Freeview radio Channels. I know my signal is good as I had a standalone Pace box on the same aerial and received all channels inc. radio of the Hastings transmitter.

I e-mailed Medion but never received a reply. I phoned their support line but was told there was a minimum of 30 min. wait. I gave up. would love to resolve this problem.

  Nullgrad 16:53 06 Dec 2004

You are doing well to pick up 16 freeview channels - what do you use Aerial or Cable ?

Mine only picks up the basic terrestial channels and thats it.....I have 2 other Freeview devices which pick up without any trouble.....both using the rooftop aerial.......

I emailed Medion this morning and as yet haven't had a reply.

  Templar1961 19:07 07 Dec 2004

I emailed both Medion & Powercinema over a week ago and have had no response from either.

I expect that the majority of users will accept that they do not have a strong enough digital signal and settle for analogue tv programmes?

I know that my digital reception is good as I receive all channels on my Thomson set top box. The same antenna connected to my Medion 8383 gives only four channels. The local news received is not my local channel - indicating that the Medion 8383 tv card is scanning the wrong channels? Is there any way of convincing Medion of this?

  Modo 20:21 07 Dec 2004

Somebody on Digital Spy reports this today - it is a burning thread with over 5,00 views.

click here

I have talked to Medion today about the problems receiving Digital stations. I only get 4 station Hits, TMF, Ftn and ideal Home (I think!) I had already logged a call with them. The first reply was all the normal aerial and booster stuff. I already have a freeview box working OK, but I did go out and get a booster - no improvement.
Today when I called it was avery different story. They admitted that there was a problem and that there was not yet a solution. They were not clear yet if it was hardware or software or both. They are doing some testing this week. They did offer to send me a new card, but I declined until they find out what the problem is.
I hope to hear back from them late this week / next week ?????

I have no response to a twice sent e-mail. I'll send Aldi a recorded delivery notice tomorrow copied to Medion if I don't hear back to my e-mail. I'll put them on notice of a dispute, tell them how I want them to respond and tell them the compensation including costs I am expecting if they do not resolve to my satisfaction within the set deadline. The County Court system is simple, cheap and very effective.

  MadTom 18:05 08 Dec 2004

* FAN Noise *
I tried to copy a couple of DVD's on the 8383XL (just ripping them to harddisk to see if the fan would speed up)...

After 2 dvd's and a lot of downloading the fan sill didn't make any more noise...

I tried the Nvidia Nalu Demo, whilst ripping a dvd and still no extra noise....

* TV Card *
Still only getting the 8 Freeview channels... TV guy tested the aerial signal and its fine, more than capable for freeview.

Has anyone tried the 8383XL WITHOUT the TV card installed ?

Looking at the Manual page 53, it states ' The combo card must not be removed or used in another slot except the BLUE combo slot.'....

So if Medion replace or refund this card, will the PC work with out it ???

  Nullgrad 18:32 08 Dec 2004

Try recording with the TV Card and you will probably notice the fan will kick in.....are you getting your freeview channels via an aerial or cable and what setting are you cable or aerial......

mine still doesn't pick up any of the freeview channels and to my mind is only searching the terrestial channels frequencies....thats via the aerial.

One positive thing to mention is the Capture card works great I had my external freeview box connected via composite & audio line in and the recording was really smooth with no dropped fact it works better in this mode than my Nebula Digi TV card.....

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