Medion 8083 information might help?

  Rwstill 16:19 16 Oct 2004

I have a Medion 8083.
I stated in an earlier thread that apart from a few little things SP2 went ok.
Well since then, things went down hill, my icons disappearing for one,
Could not get Corel draw to work correctly.
Well, I decided to go back to delivery conditions, it would not do it it said files missing.
So I done a clean install. This might help someone. when it came to except the agreement that you have to, to enable you to install XP, I could not put a dot in the circle where it says except as I did not have a cursor to move, the mouse nor the keyboard would work yet it worked for me to get to that part.
So I phoned Medion and told them the problem. After about 15 mins he asked if I had changed the battery in the keyboard as it's wireless I said no its working ok, he said change it and try again which I did and it worked ok. Might help someone.
It's better now the 200gb hard drive is 60gb for drive C and one more partition for storage.
And some of the stuff that was pre installed I have not put back as I never used it.

  Dipso 21:22 16 Oct 2004

I haven't had reason to try and recover my 8080XL yet (decided not to bother with SP2!) so I don't know if the Recovery Discs will work for me. I will bookmark this in case I find I need to do a clean install like yourself. Thanks.

  Rwstill 21:33 16 Oct 2004

There is one other thing I forgot to mention.
as you are now with a Medion install, you know you have windows backup.
Well, don't rely on that, if you do a clean install, backup is not on the disk.
Apart from that every thing else is ok.

  rdave13 21:41 16 Oct 2004

No windows backup-there is something wrong there somewhere?

  Rwstill 22:15 16 Oct 2004

Well, I could not find it, and believe me I tried, I done a search on the disk as well.
If it is on there, they really have hidden it.

  SEASHANTY 16:12 17 Oct 2004

The Medion PC's have the recovery files on partition E of the HDD. Therse are the Retten files. Info on recovery is containted in the Medion Information on your PC. This is down at the bottom right of the window when you click on the START button in Windows XP. Select this and from the Medion Window click on the "Index" tab.

  SEASHANTY 16:20 17 Oct 2004

This Medion P4 2 GHz PC I am using has the four RETTEN files 000, 001, 002 and 003 plus the retten.exe in the "RECOVERY" folder on partition "E" of the HDD. A note in the manual states that if you delete these Retten files you will not be able to recover the system.

  Rwstill 16:41 17 Oct 2004

AT the start of this thread I stated that I tried to go back to factory conditions.
When I tried it said something was missing, so it would not let me.
I had made a backup of all the relevant files, so could have replaced the files that were missing.
But, to be honest I did not like the way they had set the drive up in the first place 100gb for drive C to much I think as I only use a few programs and only use drive C for programs.
And a lot of the stuff pre installed I did not need.
Although I have installed another 200gb drive, as I use it for photos and video.
And have also installed 1gb of extra memory. Before I did I thought it was quite quick, but now realise it was like a constipated duck, Now it really is quick.

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