Media Centre PC or not Media Centre PC?

  ThePontyender 14:33 30 Mar 2007

I have recently bought a 'Media Centre PC' from Curry's (EI Systems 314) only to find its Graphic Card (ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series)is not capable of connecting to external media such as TV's & VCR's.

Can it be considered a 'Media Centre PC' if it cannot perform such a routine function?

The PC's instruction manual boasts that the PC has 'TV Out' capability. There is no disclaimer saying that this feature only applies to certain models.

Curry's technical support were quite supportive saying that they didn't consider my purchase was a 'Media Centre PC' in the circumstances.

But Customer Service reckon that although it was advertised as a 'Media Centre PC', that didn't mean it had to include a 'TV Out' function and wasn't advertised as a feature at point of sale.

They said the manual supplied with the PC is only generic (surely not if there is no warning of such).

There was also no remote control included, despite also featuring in the manual and again no warning that certain models were excluded.

Are they guilty of selling a mis-leadingly named product and have I got any recourse as such.

  Kate B 15:03 30 Mar 2007

I think you've certainly got a case. It's not fit for purpose: take it back and get a refund. And buy a PC from a PC vendor, not a washing-machine vendor!

  keef66 15:11 30 Mar 2007

Can you clarify what information you obtained before you made the purchase? You keep referring to the manual as if that's what you based your purchasing decision on.
Did you look at it in the shop and were you misled by a salesman or point of sale information? Or did you just assume, because of the 'media centre' tag that it had those connections / remote etc

I think you're in a bit of a grey area, since media centre pc doesn't have a precise definition. It's started to be used to describe anything which is quiet and low profile, almost regardless of it's functionality.

Have you asked if they will upgrade you to the next model up which does what you require, if you pay the difference?

  ThePontyender 15:21 30 Mar 2007

I am guilty of assuming it would perform that function because of the title. It was one of many things I hoped to use the PC for, for the first time (never had a DVD writer before either). I thought it went without saying that the Graphics Card would have a 'TV Out' on such a machine.

  josie mayhem 15:49 30 Mar 2007

Media centre or not a medeia centre?

If it is loaded with windows media centre (or what ever it's called) and not loaded with windows XP. And also has a t.v card installed so that you can watch t.v then it's a media centre capable pc...

whether it has a t.v out or not, so that you can connect it to a external tv is a slight different matter, the lack off wouldn't stop it being a media centre, nor would the lack of a remote conrol...

But if you brought it so that you could connect it a to tv/external screen, and at the point of sale you were told that it could or the description from the shop said that it could to it, then you have been missold this item so it isn't fit for the purpose of! but you would have to prove that this is the only reason you brought it....

What needs to be remembered is that there is a media centre that is sold with no screen and is specialy made to affix to your telly in your lounge with window media centre loaded, and there's a pc version that is basicaly a normal computer sold as a standard package i.e keyboard, screen speaker etc... that has windows media centre reloaded instead of the normal windows xp, that you can use as either but at the end of the day it's a pc

  keef66 15:49 30 Mar 2007

I have found the thing on their website and the only thing media centre about it is the fact that it has Windows Media Center Edition installed.
(why they'd install the media center edition on a pc like that I have no idea)
If it was described as a media centre pc, ask for your money back.

If you find you're stuck with it, you can upgrade the graphics card to one with TV out fairly cheaply.

Not sure how you go about getting a remote to work with MCE

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