McAfee v's STOPZilla - Who Won The Fight?

  Big L 266 14:05 29 Dec 2008

Hello.After 9 days of aggravation caused by a 1 second power cut,I've finally got my computer working again. Unbeknown to me,and during that 1 second,a whole heap of 'baddies' rumbled into town and took residence on my hard-drive.To cut a long story short,after re-installing McAfee for the 8th time and running it in full,it told me there wasn't anything there.I didn't believe it since my computer still carried on turning itself on and off,and my browser appeared to be hijacked and I just love getting blue screens!

I then downloaded a fully paid-for version of STOPzilla.After several unsuccessful attempts to run it,I removed McAfee in its entirity,and a successful first solo run of STOPzilla,not in 'safe mode' found the 'baddies' namely CableRouting, ArchiveVersionSoftware, Apomgrh, Vundo.M, Virtual Bouncer, Virtu Monde and 59 other 'host file' entries.

With McAfee no longer on my computer,and with STOPzilla holding its own and saving the day,I declare STOPzilla the winner! Is there any point in now re-installing McAfee and removing STOPzilla given how McAfee failed to find these 'baddies'? I think STOPzilla ran the 'baddies' out of town and certainly kicked McAFee into touch at the same time.

What is your opinion of McAfee v's STOPzilla? I'd love to know!

  birdface 15:06 29 Dec 2008

All depends if it was just McAfee anti-virus. If so you need AntiSpyware programs as well.Malwarebytes free and A Squared are pretty good and SpywareBlastes.

  Stuartli 00:03 30 Dec 2008

I suspect that this is a spam thread...:-)

Some of us weren't born yesterday......

  tullie 03:53 30 Dec 2008

Wonder how these nasties got on during power cut?

  Big L 266 12:54 30 Dec 2008

Hello Stuartli.I am just a simple computer user like most of us are.I neither work for McAfee nor STOPzilla.In fact,I wish I could go to work,but having multiple osteo-arthritis and fibromyalgia it will never be possible. My thread is not spam thats for certain.Indeed,my computer is my link to outside world.When it goes wrong,I have to deal with it myself as I can't afford £50 an hour for an engineer to do it.I relayed as faithfully as I could the events.I certainly wasn't born yesterday.In my case,1954!

Tullie.I have no idea how they got in.In the 1 second it took for my computer to shut down and restart itself without any help from me,I suspect these 'bugs' managed to get in as my defences were all down for that split second.This included the main McAfee all-singing, all-danncing and all-purpose security suite. Stuartli leads from the false assumption I work for STOPzilla. As they're in the USA,and I'm in downtown Lincolnshire,I can say with all honesty,ne'er the twain shall meet!

Spam indeed! Tsk! Tsk.

  Forum Editor 14:25 30 Dec 2008

as a result of a one second power outage, and that's for sure.

I'm delighted to hear that STOPzilla worked for you, but it tends to get mediocre reviews generally, and at best provides only an average level of protection against spyware. I shan't be installing it on my machines any time soon.

  Stuartli 16:07 30 Dec 2008

My apologies if my assumption was incorrect but, based on what you posted, it was a perfectly natural reaction.

By the way, I would love my system to provide the means to shut down and restart itself in a "split second" - that really would save a lot of time when installing new software or hardware.....:-)

  gemdogie 11:47 31 Dec 2008

Good morning to you and a Happy New Year.

If as you state, you will not be installing STOPzilla on your machines,why is an advert for this product appearing at the side of your post ?
I downloaded and installed STOPzilla from your site only to have my machine virtually brought to a halt.Only got up and running again when I was fortunate enough to be able to uninstall the program. I understand that others have not been so lucky !!

  tullie 12:03 31 Dec 2008

To be honest,i havent noticed this product advertised on here,where is it please?

  Forum Editor 13:41 31 Dec 2008

"...why is an advert for this product appearing at the side of your post ?"

What on earth has that got to do with my personal preferences with regard to security software? I don't have a Sony laptop, but we sometimes carry ads and reviews for them. While we're about it, you didn't download and install STOPzilla from our site at all - you followed an advertiser's link, which is a different thing altogether.

  jimmybond 15:20 31 Dec 2008

Maybe the one second power outage was caused by cyber criminals themselves, in order to 'rumble' across the whole town....they could have got an electromagnetic 'pinch', like the one basher used to knock out Las Vegas in Oceans 11
(P.S. this is sarcasm, don't take it seriously, and yes I know the laws of physics were bent ever so slightly in Oceans 11 ;-)

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