McAfee VirusScan 2007 - BEWARE

  peterhouse 14:46 23 Jan 2007

If you have a home network and install McAfee 2007 AntiVirus on one of the computers, McAfee prevents any communication with other PC's on the network unless they to have McAfee 2007 installed.

After finding McAfee was the cause of the failure of my home network, I went into "Manage Network" from McAfee Security Centre. This claimed that the other PC's on my network which run "free" anti-virus software were faulty with the following statement: "You must install McAfee network agent on (name of PC) before its protection status can be monitored on this network. The McAfee netwrok agent is included with McAfee 2007 security software". Going to "Fix this issue" results in a help window telling you to down load McAfee anti-virus software.

There is absolutely nothing on the product box or the McAfee web-site that warns you McAfee 2007 is a "network blocker". The advice to purchase McAfee security software to put on the other PC's on the network to fix the problem is nothing short of bribery and extortion.

I wasted 2 hours on McAfee "chat" help before they admitted this software "feature" couldn't be disabled after which I sent a written complaint by email. That hasn't produced any response, so I have copied that email to the software seller, PCWorld in this instance, as they are no doubt unaware as to what they are actually selling with the McAfee product.

Has anyone else had this experience?

  terryf 14:54 23 Jan 2007

Why buy the product anyway? AVG free does a good job and AVG pro gets you emails whenever there is an update and you can put AVG on all your network computers and it doesn't seem to care

  peterhouse 15:09 23 Jan 2007

I have 4 PC's only one of which is always in use and connected to the Internet. This PC needs the best affordable anti-virus protection and the others don't. Having read many reviews on anti-virus software performance, the conclusion is you just about get what you pay for. I thus use "free" anti-virus dsoftware on 3 PC's and McAfee on the primary as its affordable, probably more professional (until this discovery!) and hopefuly gives better protection.

It all comes down to how valuable your computer data and a fully working PC is to you.

  freaky 17:51 23 Jan 2007

Why don't you download Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare on their 90-day free trial offer.

It's an all in one package including everything you need for security. If you buy it, then you can install it on up to 3 PC's.

Been using it for two weeks on one PC which is part of a two PC network, very impressed so far.

  peterhouse 19:48 23 Jan 2007

I know there are alternatives out there, thank you, the point of my post was to advertise:

a)MacAfee 2007 purchased for and installed on a single computer closes down a network, an unpublished feature.
b)The only solution they provide is to buy more McAfee product which is BRIBERY & EXTORTION

As I have no response to an email on the subject with McAfee, I have a good mind to take it up with Trading Standards. I regard the matter as very serious and have no intention of just falling over and installing something else without getting McAfee (the Company)sorted.

  freaky 20:40 23 Jan 2007

Had a similar problem on my smaller network when I used Norton Internet Security. The only way I could overcome the problem was to temporarily disable the Firewall.

You could try this while you are waiting for a response from McAfee.

  peterhouse 22:15 23 Jan 2007

I'm not using McAfee's firewall, I intentionally didn't install it as I am very happy with Sygates personal free firewall which can be configured to allow my network to operate without interference. To be able to do my weekly data backup I had to shut down McAfee ViresScan programs using Windows XP Task Manager, that's not on on a regular basis.

  Input Overload 03:14 24 Jan 2007

peterhouse, I can see your point but I feel the best way is vote with your feet & go elsewhere with perhaps the likes of the free Comodo firewall & a free AV.

  mike1967 07:35 26 Jan 2007

Can't you use Mcafee on you're 3 PCs. I've installed it on my two ok. I think you're licence covers up to 3 PCs if I'm right

  peterhouse 09:50 26 Jan 2007

ViruScan 2007 only works on Windows 2000 and XP, my 3 additional PC's don't run either of those operating systems. I'm not changing operting systems just to suite McAfee as I have free use anti-virus software running perfectly well on them.

  wint 11:48 26 Jan 2007

Thanks peterhouse, that is very interesting, my main PC running McAfee 2006 is due an upgrade whereas my others aren't yet. I will make more enquiries before doing more.

Wonder if it's a "design bug" or deliberate??


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