MBS on the radio

  Forum Editor 00:17 07 Jul 2007

Those of you who have experienced problems with MBS billing software might be interested to know that the BBC Radio four programme 'You and yours' included an item about MBS today.

Thos taking part included one of our forum members, the Managing Director of MBS, and yours truly.

click here to listen (you'll need to have RealPLayer installed first).

  knockin on 01:10 07 Jul 2007

Interesting FE.
Maybe the problem is not flagging up the penalty in a manner that makes it easy to see?
Lots of businesses do this, sharp practice in my opinion.
TV ads which show lots of distracting action with noise whilst printing conditions in small print and low contrasting colour combinations, are using the same trick. It works doesn't it?

  Starfox 01:31 07 Jul 2007

It's next door to demanding money by menaces surely?

  wolfie3000 07:20 07 Jul 2007

Ok iv been following this MBS thing for a while now on the forum and never really got interested in it,

Until now.

So MBS want to expand into gaming,
All i can say to that is "Keep you trojans and viruses away from the gaming community!!"

Lets hope MBS goes bust before it gets its grubby little hands on us gamers.

  wolfie3000 07:29 07 Jul 2007

FE just wanted to point out that it can be played using Media player classic as well,

So some may not need to download real player.

  crosstrainer 08:34 07 Jul 2007

MBS from a clients PC. He claims he did not solicit or install anything....If it is legal, it's barely so. I think all the recent media and forum coverage may do the trick...I also suspect that aforementioned clients foster child was probably responsible for the deed! Fortune, however favoured him, as the child did not have access to any crdit or debit card details

  wee eddie 08:42 07 Jul 2007

and marked the moment here click here

I think that Mr Naughty had better watch out. Your dulcet tones could melt an iceberg at 2000 meters

  Forum Editor 08:51 07 Jul 2007

"Your dulcet tones could melt an iceberg at 2000 meters"

Blimey! I'm a major contributor to global warming, and didn't know it.

  helpinghand 09:38 07 Jul 2007

And how about the forum member - Did she melt an iceberg or two, or fan any flames?

  Forum Editor 09:52 07 Jul 2007

I didn't meet her. I did my piece in the BBC Radio Chilterns studios in Luton, because time was short, and that was the nearest studio to where I was at the time - I was interviewed down a direct link by Shari Vahl, who was in Manchester, and my stuff was digitally recorded for later editing. It had to be done that way for legal reasons.

  €dstowe 11:12 07 Jul 2007

"It had to be done that way for legal reasons."

Punch up reasons?

Anyway, I hope that will stir the authorities into doing something about this menace.

I cannot believe how Ashley Bateup can even remotely consider that his product is acceptable.

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