MBS Pop up again!!!

  spag001 20:57 20 May 2007

I deleted the files in Windows System 32 in April, they have now appeared again for a higher bill amount on the pop up blocker and it is now blocking my pc for 4 minutes. How do i get get rid of this dam thing for good and is it worth me reporting this to Office of Fair Trading etc now?? Help!!!!

  Probabilitydrive 21:26 20 May 2007

This has been discussed at length here. You find useful information/removal instruction in this thread click here

Once you have removed it I recommend to use Norton Ghost 10/Acronis True Image back-up programmes.

  Forum Editor 22:46 20 May 2007

That's something that you must decide on. All I can say in response is that I have been conducting some research for an article which will appear in the next issue of our magazine. As far as I have been able to determine MBS are not acting illegally as far as their billing process is concerned.

They will say that your computer was used to access one of their clients' websites, and that in so doing you clicked on an access button that signified your agreement to the terms and conditions that were available for you to read.

Those terms involved your agreement to be billed at quarterly intervals unless you terminated a three-day trial period. Fail to do that and you'll be billed every 90 days in advance for use of the site in question. You also agreed to download the software that is generating the bills, and unless you pay up you'll see these more and more frequently.

Part of the agreement that MBS will say you entered into says that you will not try to disable or remove the software that you downloaded without MBS's prior consent.

  €dstowe 06:37 21 May 2007

FE, whether MBS are acting illegally or not, their methods are decidedly underhand and are causing numerous people a lot of distress.

People are being tricked into paying money they weren't aware that they owed and then having their computers gradually disabled when they don't give a positive response and paying up (although from some of the correspondence to the forum, even after paying the required sums).

Are they unable to see this?

  TheJam 07:05 21 May 2007

time for watchdog

  Forum Editor 07:06 21 May 2007

I completely agree that the methods used by MBS might be considered underhanded by some, but.....

In the eyes of the law simply being unaware that you owed money isn't an excuse for not paying it. The problem is that many people visit sex sites, cllick on the 'enter now' button, and then forget all about it - they don't read the terms and conditions. Then, when the bills come in they don't recall having agreed to anything, so they don't want to pay, and neither are they keen to admit that they visited such sites in the first place.

I'm not suggesting that spag001 did this at all, but many people do, and it does make it difficult to investigate such matters.

I don't think we want to suggest that people are being "tricked" into paying money they don't owe unless we have concrete evidence of it, and so far I haven't seen a single case in which there is concrete evidence. MBS, on the other hand, will say that their software can't be on a computer unless someone agreed to its download - you can only get the software by visiting MBS client sites and clicking a button that signifies your acceptance of the billing terms.

  G-WOLF 07:17 21 May 2007

fhiufhyrefyer refers--First step doesnt show anything like mbs. I/net Exp; - tools - Manage Add-ons- shows only 1) adobe and 2) windows. Where to next please to disable ActiveX as a first step. On start up a small flash window shows activex drivers disabled. Is this what Im trying to do anyway. A bit fuzzy on technology at 77 years.

  €dstowe 10:58 21 May 2007

FE, on the assumption that you have been in contact with MBS, do they have any justification as to why their business methods seem so unacceptable to many people and have they thought about becoming on a par in their business dealings as other companies that provide a similar service such as RapidShare, MegaUpload and so on - there are lots of them. They also provide facilities for less dubious Internet activities?

  Spark6 15:31 21 May 2007

allow the general public to view the content with a simple promise to pay? As I understand it, from reading the threads posted, no personal details or credit/debit card details are requested by the site owners.

These owners, together with MBS, are at least guilty of dodgy dealing and should be forced to clean up their act.

  Spark6 15:35 21 May 2007

Clicking on the 'entry button' sounds comparable to clicking on a link in a suspect email and landing a nasty!

  g0slp 16:28 21 May 2007

"Clicking on the 'entry button' sounds comparable to clicking on a link in a suspect email and landing a nasty!"

Ain't that the truth!

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