Is The MBNA Voice Recognition System A Pain?

  Big L 266 15:10 25 Nov 2009


In the last week or so,I have had to contact MBNA Visa in respect of stopping my card because of my details being stolen. (See previous thread).

I have to say how extremely unhappy I am with the MBNA voice recognition system.All you get now is a pre-programmed voice recognition system. Heres the highlights of the conversation with a machine!

Machine:In order to help you,please tell me why you've rang today?
Me:I want to activate my new credit card.
Machine:I'm sorry,I didn't quite catch that.Could you tell me why you've rang today.
Me:(Slowed my speech down to that of a child).I want to activate my new credit card.
Machine:I'm sorry,but do you want an update of your credit balance?
Me:(Shouting)No,I want to activate my new credit card!
Machine:What is the credit card number?
Me:My credit card number is **.
Machine:I'm sorry,I did not recognise that number.Would you repeat it please?
Me:(Talking like a child) My credit card number is **.
Machine:Is your credit card number **?
Me:(Yelling) Yes,it is you useless piece of junk!
Machine:Your current balance is £**.**. The last payment we received from you was £**.** on the **/**/**and the minimum payment of £**.** will be taken from your account on the **/**/**.
Me:Hangs up in disgust yet again and dials their emergency UK fixed-line number which has until recently been a 'push 1 for this' thing.

Waste of time as we start all over again.

Poor me! I'm taking my business elsewhere! I've had enough of this useless system and have told them so. Is it me? Or is everyone with MBNA in the same boat?

  bremner 16:34 25 Nov 2009

I agree it is poorly executed and quickly leads to frustration.

  Brettanicus 23:58 07 Mar 2010

I have also had experience of this system and it made me decide to give up with MBNA. I didn't stay on the phone long enough to hear what the machine made of 'On your bike!'

  AL47 00:10 08 Mar 2010

it is bad, i just say what it wants until i get to a person who transfers me

im very happy with my mbna platinum, but then it is my first card so cant compare

  wiz-king 08:30 08 Mar 2010

A step too far, it has not managed to recognise me even after several goes. I have a white, middle class, Surrey accent and can be recognised by my computer when running IBM's ViaVoice.

  danbrazier 20:36 08 Mar 2010

on a non-MBNA note - the similar system for Premier Inn works exceptionally well!

I tend to try it for one or two questions and see what kind of mood the 'pooter is in. If it's not playing the game simply holw your breath* and wait for the machine to get upset you're not talking and it'll give up and more often than not cut the queue and get you straight through to somebody!

*no liability accepted for unconciousness

  HondaMan 13:48 09 Mar 2010

All large companies are getting into the act. It's about time they learned that when we (the customers) ring we like to talk to a human, not some piece of junk in a box in an office.

Like others, I am moving away from roboticised receptionists

  Big L 266 09:16 10 Mar 2010


Thankfully after a formal complaint to MBNA my association is well and truly ended. I went with Tesco CC and got a better deal - the best bit of the deal being able to talk to a real living and breathing person and not a bucket of bolts ghastly voice recognition system!

Best description I've heard - roboticised receptionists!

Love it.

Big L 266

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