Maxtor Diamondmax or WD Caviar?

  Jamesy 12:57 25 Mar 2003

I've narrowed down my next drive to being either a Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 or a Western Digital Caviar. Now, both of these look similar on paper: similiar price, similar spec, both 8 meg cache etc. same size... but which should I purchase? Any opinions?

  Djohn 13:19 25 Mar 2003

I have no experience ot the Western Digital, But it does seem to have a few problems, according to some users, it is quite likely though that there are far more people happy with the drive than not!

The Maxtor I do have myself, and found it to be faultless, also it is highly regarded by many others. Hope this is of a little help to you. J.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:33 25 Mar 2003

Just had a Maxtor drive fail after 2 weeks in a brand new PC. So they aren't perfect! Also aware they are made by Fujitsu who had MAJOR problems about a year ago with their drives.

Either way, make sure you have it backed up twice and tested three times!

  Muzziad 13:47 25 Mar 2003

i bought 3 Maxtor DiamondPlus 120gb for a system i recently built and they're all working fine. saying that my previous system had a WD Caviar and no problems with that either.

If you have anything spinning round at 7,200 RPM for long periods of time, chances are something will give in the end and a friends Maxtor drive did just that after less than a year. However, I have always sworn by Seagate - untill I had two duff drives recently, luckily before I had installed more than the op sys!.

I now run two maxtor Dimondmax plus 9's and am very happy with them.

BTW - Fijitsu was brought by Maxtor to the best of my knowledge, not the other way around.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:12 25 Mar 2003

I'm not fussed which way round they ended up together, the fact that the are one in the same is too much!

  « Ravin » 16:30 25 Mar 2003

i've maxtor with no problems and using a wd800 caviar i think now and no problems either but the one i m using has a normal 2mb cache

I understand where you are comming from, but I would back a maxtor against a Fujitsu any day! Hopefully, Maxtor will have sorted out the problems that Fuji couldnt!

  jediknight007 01:02 27 Mar 2003

I have had the 60GB Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 for nearly 3 months now and so far, no problems at all. Excellent price as well. Was going to get the 40GB version but then decided to spend £10 more for the 60GB version. Quite a lot of people say that Maxtor is more reliable than Western Digital but then again, if something bad does happen, then it's just a single dodgy item and doesn't mean that all of them are dodgy. You would probably have to be quite unlucky if you bought a Maxtor hard drive and found that it doesn't work.

  Megatyte 01:24 27 Mar 2003

I agree with the majority here. Maxtor every time.


  Aspman 09:54 27 Mar 2003

We bought in around 30 Diamondmax +8s here, slight panic after we realised they were made by Fujitsu (after a couple of months of swopping duff drives). We had one which arrived with problems (bad sectors) but it was replaced and no problems since ~6 months. I'd buy a Maxtor for myself.

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