Maximum number of colours on laptop?

  ChrisE 10:45 23 Jan 2005

Looking for a laptop to be used as a desktop replacement I noticed the Toshiba Satellite P30-110 at the local PC World store. I was able to see it in action (and press a few of its buttons) and appreciated how quietly it was running, something very high on the wishlist. I was very impressed with it until I noticed later that the maximum display of colours is 65,536 (=Toshiba UK website). As the laptop will also be used for multimedia is this insufficient? By the Acer Aspire 1680 (Acer UK website), for example, using apparently the same graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, with 64 MB of external DDR VRAM) a maximum display of 16.7 million colours is mentioned.

How unusual is it for a quality laptop to display only 65,536 colours? Is it advisible to look for a laptop which displays 16 million colours?


  anchor 11:44 23 Jan 2005

I have just looked at the Toshiba on-line pdf manual for this model. It says that 32bpp is available at all resolutions. This is more than enough.

  ChrisE 11:53 23 Jan 2005

Anchor, thank you very much for your reply, but why does it say then "maximum number of colours: 65,536" (i.e. 16 bit) by "Internal video modes" (in Specifications).


  ChrisE 11:59 23 Jan 2005

Anchor, thank you very much for your reply, but why does it say then "maximum number of colours: 65,536" (i.e. 16 bit) by "Internal video modes" (in Specifications)? Isn't this contradictory or is there something I don't understand?

Chris_E (sorry, I wasn't clear enough in the previous reply)

  bremner 12:49 23 Jan 2005

As anchor says the manual catagorically states that 32bpp ie (16.7 million colours) is available at all resoultions.

You will need to ask Toshiba why is says 16 bit on the blurb for the machine.

I would go to PCW, get them to fire up the machine and check for yourself that it can display as you require.

  anchor 13:15 23 Jan 2005

That graphic card will have no problem in giving 32bbp colours.

Suggest you call Toshiba UK tomorrow to satisfy yourself:

Call centre number for UK based PC products:

enquiries: 08702 202 202

  ChrisE 14:24 23 Jan 2005

I managed to get to visit PC World and I'm just back. The laptop in question was luckily switched on, I clicked the right button and went to Properties/Settings and the colours are indeed 32 bit! Toshiba could lose some sales if they're providing wrong information on their website...

For the rest, the laptop I'm looking for is actually for my daughter. It's nice to be able to see the laptop itself before buying and despite its red metallic lid it looks very nice and sturdy, appears to run quietly and I felt quite at home using it, it was very responsive... So if my daughter get to view one and likes it as well we probably will buy one.

Anchor and Bremner, thank you very much for your time and assistance.


  anchor 14:51 23 Jan 2005

Your welcome!. I am sure your daughter will love it.

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