Max Broadband versus 1 or 2 Mbit

  georgemac © 16:41 28 Jul 2006

I am with madasafish on their max broadband service, and can achieve speeds of appx 3.5 Mbps, just under 50% of the theoretical 8 Mbps under max broadband.

As the kids were using more than the 5 Gbyte allownace, incurring charges I applied for my MAC code and decided to migrate to Tiscali.

I ordered Tiscali 2 Mbps service, unlimited, for £15 per month on 07/07/06, should have been transferred within 10 days.

After 2 weeks, Tiscali order status still saying "in progress", so I emailed them and got a reply saying there was a tachnical issue with my order and to call them.

I called and was told my line could only support 1 Mbps, and said how can this be as I am on a max service and get 3.5 Mbps. Was more or less told that 1 Mbps was all I could have, as this is what the BT broadband checker showed, this was this week on 24/07/06, and would I like to place the order.

As I had no Broadband service (see next post) I felt I had no choice and placed the order asking for it to be prioritised.

I have had nothing through the post, but after emailing them again, asking if I could have their "max" service, I just got a reply saying I will be connected on 31/07/06.

Does anyone know if it will be easy to upgrade to Tiscali Max from 1 MBps?

And others beware, I thought I could get 2 Mbps, but max must involve installtion of some additional equipment at the exchange?

  georgemac © 16:46 28 Jul 2006

I had no broadband service, it failed on Sunday 23/07/06 and it transpires this was due to a power cut that knocked out all of the madasafish servers.

On Monday morning I started calling, and when I could borrow someones internet connection emailing madasafish Tech Support. All the usual, hard reset of router, disconnect cables etc.

I could see clearly from the modem status on my router that the ADSL line was good but I could not log onto the madasafish server. Eventually on Tuesday, I was told by tech support after a line check, that as my mac key had been used, Madasafish would no longer allow me to connect to their server.

I sent my final email, saying I was still paying for service from madasafish, and they must connect me to their server, this was ignored. Finally called customer services, who spoke to an acoount supervisor, and told me Tiscali now had my line, and I would have to speak to them. I explained madasafish still had my line until 31/07/06, but was told contact Tiscali.

10 minutes afetr that phone call my connection came back to life!

Isn't migration wonderful?

It certainly was not the 30 minute loss of service I had been expecting! Hopefully all will go OK with the switch on Monday!

  Tim1964 18:10 28 Jul 2006

I'm also having'issues' with madasafish at the mo'. I registered for the 'regrade' on the 6th June and since then my speed has dropped from it's 'very close to 2mbps' to less than 500Kbps !!!

They keep passing it back to BT who pass it back to Madasafish and they have so far managed to up my speeds to a massive 0.96Mbps.....

So even though their site own site says ' should have around 3.5Mbps....' I'm actually on half of what I was getting and what I'm paying for.

  Stuartli 18:31 28 Jul 2006

One of the reasons I decided to dispense with Tiscali after being with it and, originally WorldOnline, was due to its claims about BB speeds.

Tiscali delivered a perfect 2MB service to me for six months last year and then did some "service enhancements".

My speeds dropped to a fraction of what they should be and I was informed, no doubt straightfaced, by a Tiscali engineer that my line would not support 2MB.

No amount of talking would convince him this was not correct so I dropped down to 1MB.

Within three days Tiscali's Upgrade/Downgrade page was offering me 2MB unlimited at, of course, a higher price.

So when the chance came to move...:-)

  georgemac © 18:41 28 Jul 2006

I have just been back on the Tiscali website - I am even more confused as I signed up for "up to 2 Mb broadband" they do not have a 1 Mb service?

I will be interested to see my speeds, I should be able to tell from my adsl modem status if I am down to 1 Mb, if I am I will immediately try and upgrade to the max package.

  spuds 18:42 28 Jul 2006

To see what your line and exchange are capable of providing, do a check with click here

I have recently 'upgraded' my Tiscali £17.99 2mb service to the £14.99 2mb service (the same service, but at a cheaper price), and am now awaiting the monthly billing statement, so see if any changes have been made!.

  Stuartli 19:24 28 Jul 2006

Tiscali now only offers 1MB with a phone service - others are all 2MB or 8MB.

  georgemac © 07:30 31 Jul 2006

Well, I emailed Tiscali customer services and they told me I would be switched to Tiscal BB today.

I have received no letter or introduction email telling me this, and have not received the modem pack which I really will not need anyway.

Got up this morning and switched on at 7 AM, no connection but a quick look at the router shows me my line speed has been changed from max to 1 mbit, changed the log in to the Tiscali login and connection OK so the switch must have been made very early by BT.

Now I have to try and upgrade to the max service.

Not too impressed by how they have handled the migration/order process - hopefully the service will be fine.

Also their mail server would appear to be down, I cannot access the email page, and outlook not connecting either but previously has been OK.

  spuds 12:27 31 Jul 2006

Tiscali have pre-warned its customers that server maintenance work was due to commence this morning (31/07/06) at 12.03am, and it would effect email collection and delivery. Any email should be available when the maintenance work as been completed.

I have made a couple of attempts this morning, but emails is still locked in the system, due to maintenance not being completed yet.Try later!.

  phil46 13:33 01 Aug 2006

Why did you choose Tiscali of all ISP'S.

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