Mature User NEEDS HELP building/buying PC

  Sicarius 17:41 04 Dec 2009

Hello all,

I am a mature former gamer who would like to start gaming again in particualr the MMO Champions Online but I need to buy/build a PC to do this.

HOWEVER I do not have great PC knowledge and what little I did have seems to have been outdated

I don't have a very big budget but I really want to play CO and basically I need some people (pref more than one) who'd be prepared to give me a bit of advise as to the best way to get a PC which will run the game.

For instance where is best to look ebay, small private company websites or large companies e.g. PCWORLD ?

If anyone would be prepared to help me (it may take a little time) and/or give me a link to a website where people would be willing, I'd be REALLY grateful.

P.S. How much do you think I'm looking at to make/buy a PC which can run Champions Online smoothly (if not necessarily [but preferrably] well graphically)?

  john bunyan 18:42 04 Dec 2009

I know nothing about games machines but rather than building from scratch, Novatech (find website via Google) offers "bare Bones" PC's with essentials installed so you can add what you want. May be worth a look at their website and maybe talk to them.

  Sicarius 19:11 04 Dec 2009

thanks john I'll check out that website, its really daunting the amount of pc's out there and obviously I don't want to get ripped off. Just hoping their might be some savvy computer gamers out there who'd be willing to share the odd nugget of advice as to where to shop

  GaT7 19:20 04 Dec 2009

Getting a barebones system is a good idea, but also consider ready-made & self-built systems. Building a PC is relatively easy, as it's mostly just a case of buying compatible components & assembling them.

Here are the requirements for the game click here. Try to get a spec closer to the recommended one to enjoy the best framerates & settings.

As an example, this is the type of spec & price-point you should be looking at click here (£450), but with Windows 7 pre-installed instead of Vista. If you plan to use a large monitor (with 1920*1200 res & above), you may need to get a better graphics card, adding ~£50 to the price.

If I have some time later, I'll post a list of components that would do for a suitable self-build. Please say if you need a monitor & other peripherals & your maximum budget. G

  GaT7 19:24 04 Dec 2009

Here's another example with a better graphics card (HD4870 instead of HD4850) for £400 click here. You'll need to add an OS for ~£70 - Win7 click here / click here. G

  Sicarius 20:09 04 Dec 2009

hi crossbow thanks for the response is Quad core machine not a bit overkill looking at the specs or is my lack of knowldge showing again?

What are your thoughts to buying second hand or refurb as they tend to be cheaper and of buying over ebay.

click here

click here

click here

  rdave13 21:57 04 Dec 2009

You seem to be a bit of a fan of ebay?
Not a gamer myself but if you have an OS then possibly Cougar Extreme whom have a decent reputation on these boards. click here

Never bought a machine off them yet but will be the next port of call.

  GaT7 14:34 05 Dec 2009

Reasons I've chosen a quad-core CPU are there aren't much savings to be had by going dual-core (unless one goes for a low-end one), & the former will be a little future-proof.

Buying from eBay is OK (I've purchased many components in the past), but I wouldn't buy an entire PC from anyone on there. There are couple of reasons for this: there aren't significant savings to be had on a buy-it-now system, & there's a bigger chance that they could stop trading at any time & invalidate the warranty. If neither of these reasons faze you, then buy from eBay if you like. Perhaps you can post links to systems that appear suitable to you. We can take a look at them & let you know if they'll be suitable or not. G

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