Massive bill from Car phone warehouse fro internet

  sheryl c 14:02 14 Jan 2009

Hi All, thanks for any help given. Last January Irecieved a phone bill fron CPW for over £450 worth of WAP usage, despite haveing a 20mb data bundle and almost never using the internet on my PDA. I disputed this and to cut a long story short received Data Download session details in November. These show that for an entire month my phone was automatically dialling up and refreshing information as a timed event (exactly every hour to the millisecond) I think it may have something to do with a Satnav package provided with the item, it was always problematic and coming on all the time, it was a pain especially since i have a tom tom and no use for it!. The data download sessions thingie provided me with PDP addresses for the period, they are almost all the same, an IT bod I know says I can find out which website they represent but does anyone know how? I am absolutely desperate now as I have gone through high level complaints and Otelo, who were not very helpful. They only looked at some of the evidence and eventually negotiated a £250 reduction, the bill is now over £1000 and debt collectors are on the phone constantly. Can anyone help or know anybody I can approach. I know I did not use the phone but how do I prove it?

  oresome 14:22 14 Jan 2009

Can you explain why the bill has risen from £450 to over £1000?

The £250 reduction off the original debt did at least give a manageable figure to compromise on.

  sheryl c 14:45 14 Jan 2009

The bill has risen as I reduced the amount of my direct debit due to the fact I had no internet useage as the software had to be disabled to prevent another such occurrance. They consider this to be a breech of contract and have put on additional costs. I take your point about the 250 reduction but, I honestly and truly beleive that these charges arose from a software problem. This has left me with a phone I was contracted to pay £50 a month for- for business use, once the internet was disabled the phone became a white elephant. I consider it to be unfit for purpose. The manager at the CPW store advised me not to send the phone in for examination to them as the first thing they do is erase all software from the phoe-therefore clearing my evidence. I need to find an independant expert to examine the phone. Thanks for your post.

  sunnystaines 15:34 14 Jan 2009

bbc watchdog may like this try their web site.

  sheryl c 15:37 14 Jan 2009

I emailed them yesterday, they haven't got back to me yet. Thanks.

  sheryl c 16:07 14 Jan 2009

Yes It was Co-pilot live

  sheryl c 16:54 14 Jan 2009

These things should come with a government warning! Its quite possible there was an additional light on but that wouldn't necessaryily register with me that there was a problem -I am very green when it comes to technology. I just wish I had spent more time trying to understand this gadget. I got mine at the same time as a friend, I asked him if it could connect to the internet independently and he told me once a web page had been downloaded, that was it it wouldn't do anything else until you moved to another page. Is this the case?

  spuds 17:10 14 Jan 2009

If you require legal advice so as to perhaps block future payments while the sorting out is in progress, then you may have a Law Centre who offers free legal advice in your area who can provide assistance, but you may also find that their appointment book is fairly full, especially through the recent credit crisis. I suppose you might have something to gain here, if you seek this avenue as the way forward!.

You may also have the option of a local solicitor who specialises on contract and debt law, who offers the first consultation for free.

Whatever the case, if debt collectors are involved and the bill is mounting up, then something wants doing very fast.

  realist 19:09 14 Jan 2009

You could possibly get Ofcom involved if you genuinely feel there was, say, an element of mis-selling involved or that your contract is unfair.
You could then tell CPW you were referring it to Ofcom, you never know they might budge a little more.
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  sheryl c 22:44 14 Jan 2009

thanks for all of your advice and support, the incredible thing is OTELO (offcom referred me to them)have repeatedly requested CPW to cease taking action against me but they have ignored this. CPW complaints procedure is that they have to reach provisional conclusions within 21 days, still waiting 12 months later. They repeatedly flout the rules but their doesnt seem to be any consequences, so hey why not! I am know left with no faith in the complaints systems in place so am gathering every bit of information available and going legal with them. I will try the legal centre, a technician friend was totally blown away by the amount of data that was downloaded apparently 6MB every five minutes for a month -is this a lot? He didnt think WAP could download that much information that quickly. Anybody out there with any ideas?
Thanks for all your views and advice.

  dagnammit 08:39 15 Jan 2009

My dad had a problem with his PAYG phone and disappearing credit. It would run down a £10 in about a day...

o2 customer service were quite helpful and diagnosed it "appeared" to be to trying to access wap every second and charging him a couple pence at a time.

She forwarded the info to a tech department and called me back on the phone within a couple of hours. She said it was a fault with their system as the phone, or my dad, clearly was doing nothing of the sort and refunded all credit back that had been taken. It was about £30 he got off them......

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