Marshall Ward Voucher Problem!

  Donald-1338933 17:18 17 Feb 2009

Before Christmas a work Colleague advised that new customers signing up to Marshall Ward online would receive a £30 off voucher for your first purchase as long as the purchase was over £60 – all I had to do was register online and wait a few days to receive the promo information.

I was after an xbox console for Christmas so thought to use the voucher on that. I registered on the 6th of November 2008 and received a phone call a few days later providing me with a promotional code – which I was advised over the phone I could use straight away, so I took a note of the code so I could use it.

A few days later, before I had the chance to buy the xbox, I receive a letter through the post from Marshall Ward again advising me of £30 off with the same promotional code on the letter. So that evening I went online to order the xbox – it was retailing at £129 and I would of got it for £99 + £3.95 postage – brilliant I thought absolute bargain and from what I could see was a reputable online retailer.

Unfortunately there was a few problems online whilst ordering the item so I rang up to check stock etc – the chap on the phone advised that stock is ok, could just be the code is expired, so he checked it and all was ok so he advised me that he would place my order over the phone. I was assured of a price of £99 + £3.95 delivery because of the discount code. At this stage I thought all was ok and within a few moments I had an email invoice (which I still have) dated 20/11/2008 with a total price of £102.95 – all seemed well and delivery was scheduled for 24th November and the Xbox arrived on time and everything was ok with the item itself.

As the item arrived I double checked my online banking to make sure all payments were taken correctly – this is where things went very wrong, as I first noticed when the invoice slip which came with the box had a charge of £129 + £3.95 showing.

When I checked my online banking I had been charged twice from Marshall Ward £3.95 (postage which I was expecting) but I was charged £129 for the xbox. I called Marshall Ward immediately to investigate and was simply advised that if any discounts are to be applied then the money is taken from the customers account and then refunded after the initial 14 day returns period (basically if you return it you don’t get the discount) this made very little sense to me – and I protested at this stage that money had been taken from my account which I did not authorise as I was informed (and my original email invoice reflects) only £102.95 coming from my account. The person I spoke to was very dismissive and advised it is part of the Ts and Cs and I would have been told this at point of sale – I most definitely wasn’t, as if I was I would of went to Amazon who were selling the xbox for around £115.


  Donald-1338933 17:19 17 Feb 2009

So I allowed the 14 days to pass (in order that I am being reasonable and following their company processes etc). The 15th day would have been the 9th of December so I called to ask where the refund was – as it was still not in my bank account. The person that I spoke to at Marshall Ward advised that I would now not be applicable for the discount as I have what they refer to as a cash only account and not a credit account (basically I want to pay up front instead of paying on a monthly basis for items) again more information that was not passed onto me at either time of sale or any pre sales dialogue. On this call I had waited 20minutes to get through and had no time to argue the case and simply had to call back at a later date.

I called Marshall Ward back (around the 15th of December) after making sure I had all the emails, invoices and the letter I received in front of me. This time when I called I was given the same information regarding the cash only account – however I advised of both the phone call and the letter I received telling me that I can use the code (the letter states no where that it needs to be a credit account to use the code) and I also advised that at the point of sale there seemed to be no issue either and that I had a valid promotional code. I really had to protest on this call in order to get any kind of support as it was being dismissed as an invalid discount – which it most definitely was not, which finally the advisor confirmed it was valid. She escalated it through a refund department who would place the money back into my account by the end of the week – now with it being Christmas/new year I left it for a few weeks thinking that it would maybe take a bit longer over the Christmas period – so I called back on the 5th of January to be told there is a back-log in this refund department and I would need to wait a few days – which I did and I called back around the 9th of January, to be told wait until the 12th if I had not received my refund.

Today’s date is the 17th of February nearly a full 3 Months since £30 was taken from my bank account without my permission and at every stage it has been pushed back as my fault for having the wrong kind of account with them, but at none of the initial sales and pre sales stages was this account type even mentioned. I feel like I have been passed from pillar to post on this issue and Marshall Ward as still not accepting that they took the money without my permission as it is part of their terms for promotional codes.

Is there anything else I can to do pursue? I am still out £30 plus nearly £10 in phone call charges to this company who basically miss-led me completely before the purchase was made.


  spuds 18:27 17 Feb 2009
  oresome 18:50 17 Feb 2009

I note the following clause in their T's & C's.

If, after accepting your order, we find that you were not entitled to use the code or did not meet all the terms and conditions of its use, we may reverse the benefit that you obtained. If you transacted on a cash basis e.g. by debit or credit card, we may take a further payment, equivalent to the value of the benefit obtained, from the card used.

Without knowing the full conditions attached to the £30 voucher it's hard to comment further.

  961 19:49 17 Feb 2009

don't you just love it!

Bit like daring to leave your hire car at an airport without insisting someone checks they aren't going to deduct £750 three months later for a scratch!

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