MAPLINS replace with another faulty item.

  seefuu1 18:09 29 Apr 2009

Here's the email i sent Maplins customercare;

Dear sirs,

Regarding one of my recent online purchases, code B55LX ,a B grade phenom bundle + 2 GB ram.

The motherboard itself has become faulty ,which i found during the setting up of the item,two of the onbord SATA connectors (which are a plastic type socket) have become detached from the board,these plastic sockets in question should be solidly / permanently attached to the motherboard,but as i removed the leads from my sata drives from the SATA motherboard ,these sockets came away with the leads,leaving the metal pins left attached to the motherboard,they came away without any resistance, as if they were not properly attached in the first place!

So i would like a returns authorisation number,so i can return the faulty item for a REFUND !


Well today,when i returned home,i found a great big maplins box,with the faulty motherboard replaced,not a refund as i had asked for,but replaced and missing half of the items that i had sent back with the bundle ,namely the I/O plate ,the SATA lead,the IDE cable,the two manuals(one detailing all the MB's various configurations and the other on how to correctly set up and install the MB in a case)and last but most important of all ,the driver cd was missing!

And to top it all off,the motherboard has the same fault as the defective one i already sent back to be refunded.

I have emailed their CS again,noting that i had asked for a refund and not a replacement,along with this second fault and the items that a missing,i'm only glad that i had taken a lot of pictures of everything that was included in the bundle before i sent the original item back.

Let me know what your views/advice thanks.

  seefuu1 19:03 29 Apr 2009

I forgot to mention that i received this replacement after sending back the faulty one.

  jack 20:10 29 Apr 2009

They should take a leaf out of John Lewis book it seems
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  Stuartli 20:38 29 Apr 2009

I note it's a Grade B item.

  Proclaimer 08:26 30 Apr 2009

to return the item?

  interzone55 09:29 30 Apr 2009

Did Maplin tell you to return the whole product, or just the Motherboard?

If you were only requested to return the faulty part they would only replace this part - this way they save unnecessary shipping costs.

As Stuartli pointed out, it is a Grade B bundle, so is likely to have previously been returned from a customer and found to be working when tested, but may well have an intermittent fault, or have now failed completely.

I once had 4 motherboards from PC World's component shop, all not booting, before the droid at the counter found the bag of new BIOS chips they were supposed to have fitted to these boards before putting on display...

  daveeb 10:52 30 Apr 2009

In my opinion Maplins customer service has taken a big nose dive over the last couple of years. I used to do a lot of business with them, but following several instances of problems returning faulty goods for refund/repair/replacement i now rarely use them.

  Stuartli 10:58 30 Apr 2009

I presume you followed the terms and conditions for the return of faulty goods to Maplins (based on your e-mail)?

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  seefuu1 16:35 30 Apr 2009

@Proclaimer :It was purchased on their website!

@alan14 :The MB/cpu/ram bundle needed to be sent to them as it came to me,and if i hadn't of sent it complete (as their website terms state),that would have been another reason why maplins would not have refunded me ,so i wasn't going to make that mistake.

@Stuartli: Oh yes!

  seefuu1 17:07 30 Apr 2009

Good news,i've just checked my email and found this;

"Thank you for your email.

I'm sorry that you are having problems with an item that you have purchased from us.

After looking into you're order details I can confirm that a returns number has been issued for this item to be returned back to our head office for a refund.


Ok then ,resolved i hope ,but lets see what happens when they receive the bundle minus some items that "they lost"!

  seefuu1 18:45 13 May 2009

Hello again,this is the continuing saga of me,trying to get a refund from MAPLIN's ,over their faulty motherboard bundle i purchased from their website.

You can find my first topic somewhere on the PCA consumer forums,one which i thought was ending in my favour.


So,as in my other topic, i returned this second faulty motherboard bundle and just waited for my refund,(as stated by their customer services in their emails),just over a week later and i checked my debit cards balance to see if there was a refund yet,nothing,but when i came home on tuesday 12.5.2009,i found a card stating a box had been left with my neighbours,surley not from maplins i thought.

So today wednesday 13.5.2009,my brother goes and collects the box,i see him struggling with it,it big enough for me to fit inside and by the way my brother is red faced ,there is no little thing inside.

So when it's inside,i see the big MAPLIN's sticker on the side of this battered and torn box from hell,and inside i find ;

click here

and a letter from their Engineer,basicaly stating that they won't fix this fault,"as i've caused it"!

And it seems obvious to anyone, that they were a bit peed off at me asking for a refund for the second time ,"so we'll(MAPLIN's) stick in an old heavey pc inside the biggest box we can find ,sen it back and that will be the end of it.

Frankly this is not the behaviour of an adult.

I hope pc advisor can help me once again,as they did some years back,when Dixons were not helpful.


Customer's problem description;
Again the SATA port has come away from the board!

Engineers comments;

This damage was caused by a SATA cable clip not being released when trying to disconnect the cable from the board.A prevous engineer has already replaced the Motherborad and stated what had caused the damage.

THIS PART BELOW is not what is in the letter they included,just my response to their shocking treatment !

Of the motherborads that i've had for other friends and still have in computers,none of them have this fault with their SATA connectors,where when you unplug a SATA cable,the plastic SATA socket comes off the motherborad and away with the cable!

This IS A FAULT,i've asked twice for a refund but MAPLIN's ,with their (what we say is final nonsense )and their comedic engineers behaviour are stating otherwise

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