Manuals on CD Rant

  onionskin 09:49 19 Nov 2009

My 72 yr old mother-in-law has just purchased an LG TV. The manual came on a CD as Adobe Acrobat and HTML files. She does not have a computer and has no intention of getting one, so I had to print off 200 pages of instructions for her, using my expensive printer ink. (That's the rant bit).
I could understand the files being on a computer readable CD if it was a computer monitor she'd purchased, but think a TV should come with a proper printed manual.
I suspect there are many older people out there in the same position, with absolutely no interest in computers. She does have a DVD recorder, but even if the manual came on DVD, she'd still have to access the DVD to find out how to connect the recorder to the TV in order to access the DVD.

  wiz-king 10:04 19 Nov 2009

I hope you wrote to LG and told them, unless they get feedback they wont know about the problem. With most things like a TV you get a 'Quick Start' guide then onscreen help.

  Kevscar1 10:48 19 Nov 2009

Blame Global Warming. They are trying to save the Planet. Less paper so less trees cut down. Also no ink used no printing so less energy consumed.

  knockin on 11:15 19 Nov 2009

Could be,says the old cynic in me,that they are merely passing the cost of the manual on. (in this case to Onionskin on behalf of his mother in law.) All this planet saving nonsense is creating numerous excuses for business to increase their margins at our inconvenience.

  Hercule Marple 11:26 19 Nov 2009

Thanks for the warning, onionskin. I had no idea this practice existed. I'll ensure any digital equipment I purchase in future includes a proper paper manual.

  anchor 11:59 19 Nov 2009

"Less paper so less trees cut down. Also no ink used no printing so less energy consumed".

I wish someone would tell this to the publishers of the piles of rubbish that comes through my door every week.

If it not takeaway meals/pizzas, its the local estate agents or Virgin urging me to change to their services.

I agree, it just a cost saving move by the manufacturers.

  961 13:51 19 Nov 2009

The problem is that the makers don't seem willing to print one manual per country when they ship to the EU

For some time Sony stuff has come with 4 thick books of instructions, only the first 20 pages of vol 1 being in English. The rest I junk. What a waste!

I fully understand the problem described and there must be some way to get paper manuals to those that need them while avoiding 800 pages printed in something I can't understand

  onionskin 14:10 19 Nov 2009

Hmmm... It didn't save me much paper or ink.
The LG instructions were excellent, clear and comprehensive - maybe too comprehensive in parts, there were 6 pages of safety advice. I'm sure people don't need telling not to dispose of their chopsticks down the ventilation slots at the back of the television. (OK, I did once, but they don't need to rub it in).
My mother in law is Estonian, so I printed the safety advice out in Eesti to amuse her.

  wiz-king 16:16 25 Nov 2009

I have just got a LG made TV and there is a whole page of the quick start guide at the back of the safety guide. More than enough to get the TV on and working - who reads manuals anyway.

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