Make a payment by PayPal or pay direct

  jack 17:20 08 Feb 2006

There has been much talk about the alleged shortcomings of E-Bay/PayPal and their dispute procedures
Now I have had an offer I am wondering if I should accept.

I have bid for and 'won' an item.
And received the appropriate 'invoices' and an invitation to pay via PayPal[indeed E-Bay say on their small print this is the only way to pay , unless a prior agreement before bidding is reached]
So I have set up the Pay Pal account, and they in turn have come back and said that because of the sum involved I must to through an 'expanded user' process where they issue a special number to my CC company.
This they say will take several working day to implement - that's fine by me

I therefore e-mailed the vendor and informed him
that all this will take a day or so ,so hang on in.
He new has mailed me to say if I agree he will mail me his account details and I could do a cash transfer.
This of course rung alarm bells but if it all goes pear shaped, so could Ebay/PayPal.
So here is a conundrum

  Wuggy 17:34 08 Feb 2006

Don't under any circumstances wire money to the vendor's account. There are dozens of people being ripped off daily using that method. By the sound of things you are talking about quite a large sum of money. Does the Paypal guarantee cover this amount or does it fall short?. Before paying into Paypal contact your credit card company and query if their insurance for all purchases over £100 cover you in this situation. Have you considered using an Escrow service? Full details should be available on Ebay but basically, for a small fee you pay the money to a third party who retain until you have taken delivery of the item and only after that is the payment released to the vendor. There are a lot of bad guys out there. I'm not suggesting that your vendor is one of them but far better to take some sensible precautions.

  rmcqua 17:37 08 Feb 2006

What kind of a feedback rating does the vendor have, and based on how many transactions?

  spuds 18:50 08 Feb 2006

Regarding the 'expanded user' set-up that PayPal are undertaking, can take seven or more days. You will need to keep your eye on this set-up, because you will need to take certain actions to validate the system.(ie check credit or debit card account, for PayPal security payment into your account).

PayPal normally suggest that you contact the seller, and explain to them that PayPal are setting up an expanded account. PayPal and eBay generally state that the seller should be lenient and wait for the transaction to go through.If the seller lives in reasonable distance,and you have the necessary facilities, then you can arrange payment by collection.

Reference to the direct approach, this can save time, and it can work out mutually fine, but take into consideration that problems can happen, so it is best to be wise before, than not after the event.

There is a procedure that PayPal will let you by-pass the eBay payment route, but by doing so,you will invalidate any safeguards that eBay/PayPal provide on this transaction.Personally I would not take that route, due to limitation of protection procedures.

  jack 19:17 08 Feb 2006

Yup- Prudence the best route
As good a bargain the items appears to be I'm not gagging for it - So handg on in Mr Seller man.

  spuds 19:24 08 Feb 2006

Don't forget to contact the seller and explain the situation. otherwise they may put in a dispute procedure or bad feedback.And you may not like either of those ;o)

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