Major Tiscali problems

  Jimmy14 16:37 11 Dec 2006

I have been upgraded to the Tiscali Max 8Mb product since August of this year. Between August and November the speeds I was receiving was acceptable e.g 5-7Mb. On the 1st of December the speeds started to get lower until they reached 1-2Mb from Tiscali's speed test. I phoned up regarding this speed problem and the agent resetted the speed on my line which put it back to around 6.5Mb for a very short period then my broadband broke altogether for a day. I phoned up again and this time they were sending me a new modem incase it was my brand new wireless router which I know it wasn't. It took 3 days for the modem to come then when I set it up and everything I still got the 1/2Mb speeds. I phoned up yesterday again and this time they reported a fault with my line to Bt. BT got in contact by text message today saying that there were no problems found on my line and then a further message from Tiscali told me to contact Tiscali for further diagnostics. I phoned up about an hour ago and the agent told me to do another speed test which came out as 2.5Mb. He put me on hold, came back on and wait for this. He told me evidently my line was now not capable of 8Mb Broadband and that I should downgrade to 2Mb in the my account section of their website. I know for a fact this is wrong because I ran speed tests as I have said earlier and got 5-8Mb. I was quite angry so phoned their cancellations department. The guy from there said I could cancel or speak to someone else from the techincal department. He put me back through to the techincal department and this rather more pleasant agent explained things more fully. He said that from past records he could read, it showed I was once able to receive 7.8Mb speeds in November as I said myself. He updated BT again and said my problem is still not fixed and also said that they might want to visit me and test my equipment. I said that's fine and he said that BT will take another 24-48 hours to get back in touch about my ongoing problems. All of this garbage when I need a decent internet service. Really fed up with it all.

  spuds 17:13 11 Dec 2006

This is not the first time that as happened, and someone was receiving a better service, only to find that the service was later reduced. Try your own check, and see what your line is capable of supplying click here

  Jimmy14 19:58 11 Dec 2006

I tried the sam knows availability checker and it is now saying my line can support UP TO 2Mb. The bt broadband availability checker is also saying up to 2Mb. Do you know why this is?. It always used to say 6.5Mb or greater even when Tiscali upgraded my line to 8Mb.

  Stuartli 21:26 11 Dec 2006

On a similar vein Charles Dunstone's excuse for BT problems which may occur when TalkTalk switches BB over to its LLU equipment is worth noting:

click here

  spuds 23:23 11 Dec 2006

Looking at your comment, I assume that you did a check via Availability Checker, then BT ADSL.If so, then this should tell you what you will get (usually 2Mb) but higher up, it should tell you XXMb or greater. I would suggest that you do a further check, using LLUxDSL and see if Tiscali are installing their own equipment at your exchange.If Tiscali are installing their own equipment,then you may find that you might get better results, if and when the conversion is complete.

Regarding your previous 6.5Mb, I also found a difference in the check that I have just completed, previously it stated that my maximum should be 6.0Mb, now it states maximum 4.5Mb.Not sure why this as happened, possibly something to do with exchange capacity!.

  Dipso 13:51 12 Dec 2006

Are these your current line stats?

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
1 db
Noise Margin 15 db 26 db

If so, those are one of the best sets of line stats that I have ever seen. They indicate you have a very short line (Line Attenuation 6 db) or are very close to the telphone exchange which is related to the speeds you are likely to get.

So basically you are syncing at the highest speed possible and have a healthy noise margin. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be seeing near to 7 Meg with those figures.

The problem is nothing to do with your set up and can only be due to contention at your local exchange or a capacity issue with the ISP (not enough bandwidth to go round).

To check the status of you exchange click here and look for RED staus. This would suggest your exchange is due to be upgraded to cope with demand and could be a reason for the slow thoroughput.

Take this test click here and check what your profile is shown as to rule that out, it should be 7150, however, I don't think this is a profile issue.

Do BT Wholesale's speedtest at click here Change the login details in your router from those of your ISP to [email protected]_domain as the login and nothing as the password. This should bypass the ISP and help point a finger at where the problem is (be patient as it sometimes doesn't load the first time).

Try the tests by all means but I know what I would do...get back onto the cancellation department and get your MAC and find yourself a decent ISP!

  Jimmy14 16:07 12 Dec 2006

thanks for your posts.

All speed tests and availability checker seem to now tell me I can get only up to 2Mb Broadband which is bizarre. My adsl wireless netgear router still says the internal modem is connected at 8128KB and 448Kb. I'm very fed up. Just off the phone from Tiscali because they sent me another 2 text messages saying bt have found no fault within my line which I already knew 2 days ago, why don't they move and come out instead of keep checking my line.

Yes, these are my line stats. I am 200 metres from my exchange.

  Jimmy14 16:11 12 Dec 2006

Do you know of any good broadband adsl suppliers that supply 8Mb for a reasonable price, unlimited usage preferably and have good customer service not based in foreign countries. Also, speed reliability would be preferable. Anyone got the address for the head office of Tiscali Uk or address of Mary Turner (Their Chief Executive of Tiscali UK)

  spuds 18:19 12 Dec 2006

I always write to Tiscali via Kiln Farm. You could try this UK telephone number 020 7087 2000.

  Jimmy14 20:16 12 Dec 2006

Do you know how long it usually is to get a reply from Kiln Farm and have you ever had the experience of writing to their CEO?

  Dipso 20:47 12 Dec 2006

AOL for unlimited (but would only go for the 1 month contract option), Zen, Newnet, one of the Entanet resellers, IDNet (my own ISP) are all getting good reviews and have UK based CS.

BTW the Bt availability checker is like "think of a number" it changes for no apparent reason and bears no relation to the actual speeds you can hope to achieve.

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