Mains Gas supply pipe

  chass 19:35 11 Feb 2007

Thinking of moving the Gas-meter, how can you tell what type of pipe is under the concrete drive between the road and the property? Will it be copper or plastic.
This is for a bungalow built in 1985.

  Zero G 19:37 11 Feb 2007

Ask your gas supplier?

  spuds 19:50 11 Feb 2007

If you are thinking about moving it yourself, and you are not 'approved' and corgi registered, then do not even think about it, otherwise you are liable for legal action being taken against you. The same applies nowadays for certain electrical installations.Get the experts in.

  amonra 19:53 11 Feb 2007

It's probably iron, but as spuds said earlier, DONT EVEN THINK about touching it ! Ask your local supplier.

  jimv7 19:56 11 Feb 2007

The gas pipe between the mains supply in the road and your meter belongs to (originally) the gas board.

It is not up to you to tamper with the supply, (and extremely dangerous to do so) contact your local gas supplier.

  Forum Editor 20:05 11 Feb 2007

about underground gas pipes any more. the national distribution network is now the responsibility of the National grid.

They own and operate the network, and they are the people to whom you must apply if you want to move the meter. They'll run the pipework to the new meter position, and your gas supplier will connect the meter to it. You are responsible for all pipework from the meter onwards, but you must engage the services of a CORGI registered gas fitter for all alterations to internal gas supply pipes.

To get the underground pipework altered you'll need an alteration pack from the National Grid. Fill in the forms, and they'll give you a date for the work. The new pipe will be in yellow polypropylene under the ground by the way.

click here and navigate your way to the gas section.

  chass 20:07 11 Feb 2007

Sorry I should have said, we have asked a corgi fitter about doing the work and he says he would have to dig up part of the drive to see what the pipe is.

  Strawballs 22:23 11 Feb 2007

Only what used to be Transco (in our area they are called Sothern Gas Networks) can move meters.

  namtas 22:58 11 Feb 2007

Chass that would that would be normal but I suspect that what he is more interested in is the exact location of the pipe at the point it comes to your property and the run, this to facilitate the new meter arrangement. The modern procedure is to external locate meters to facilitate easy reading. Early gas pipes were cast malleable iron. The latter are now polypropylene self coloured yellow all gas pipes what ever the material must be coloured yellow or else marked with ID.

  Forum Editor 00:22 12 Feb 2007

Transco is no longer in existence - they are now the National Grid, and they own and operate the National Gas Transmission System throughout Great Britain.

They are responsible for all gas piping between the production plant and your gas meter. Your gas supply company sells you the gas that flows in the pipe, and owns the meter which measures your consumption. You own the pipe that runs from the meter to your gas appliances.

  Expat 1 03:52 12 Feb 2007

Nice sound advice there.

Just one thing though.
Am I missing something or are we getting into the area of Gas fueled Computers ?

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