Mailwasher v eprompter

  bellababy 23:37 06 Jan 2006

I Used Mailwasher pro for a number of years which didn't iliminate spam it only marked it for deleting,so much so that I eventualy stopped using it on the worst offending isp because it was a pain waiting for it to go through the process.
A couple of days ago I came across a small freeware at click here> for my money ( which I didn't use anyway ) it works better than Mailwasher,I have set it up to monitor six e-mail address's, as mail comes in I'm notified and can review it as I want, and delete as I see fit, all without downloading to my PC. It is more simple than mailwasher, less sophisticated but does the job as far as I'm concerned just as well.
Any draw backs? I'm still waiting.

  PaulB2005 00:52 07 Jan 2006

Used to use Mailwasher, then switched to ePrompter but not use POPPeeper click here whih i find much better.

  PaulB2005 00:52 07 Jan 2006

but noW use POPPeeper

  bellababy 01:38 07 Jan 2006

Thanks PaulB2005. Does POPPeeper work with AOL?which is my main ISP I didn't see it mentioned when I took a brief look at their web site

  bellababy 01:58 07 Jan 2006

Just taken a look at their discussion forum looks like there can be problems with POPPeeper.
Think I'll stay with ePrompter for the time being at least, as it would seem to be working away without any problems so far.

  Lettervanman 15:42 08 Jan 2006

I have changed to Mailwasher Pro. It can handle several addresses at the same time,and was not costly. Someone is working hard to produce these free progs. in the hope that you will buy.Why not support them!

  bellababy 16:55 08 Jan 2006

Why not indeed,I'll first give it a good run, I'm talking Epropmpter here, so far it continues to work wonderfully well. I have had a look at their review page see, <click here> The endorsements are quite impresive.
As I said in my original posting I have MailWasher Pro for which I paid some years ago, had I known then about Eprompter I would not have bothered with MailWasher, for the simple reason Eprompter does the same job without all the 'bells and whistles' just as well.
As one of the reviewers said, 'the front end could be better', but I'm only interested in the back end,(the working part) Which I'm very pleased with:-)

  De Marcus™ 17:09 08 Jan 2006

I've used eprompter since it began for all our families webmail accounts, it's a fab little program, updated reguarly, low on resources and most definitely easy to configure/schedule/setup. In all the time I've used it I find that every once in a while it won't update certain accounts, never lasts long though (day at the most and may be down to my isp), and it's free so no complaints really. For obvious reasons outlook is what I use for my main email account as it's more flexible. Great for those wanting a plain, simple and straight forward email retreival program though.

  bellababy 17:18 08 Jan 2006

Just take a look at this one <click here>
if that don't convince you nothing will.

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