mailing pref service & Royal Mail Opt-out

  palinka 10:16 15 Nov 2009

This may help others: we have had mailing pref service for years - saves us a lot of junk mail. But we have deliberately NOT gone for Royal mail's "Opt-Out" for non-addressed mail as we know there is some of it that we want to receive.

After 2 or 3 years during which we have NOT received certain unaddressed stuff (but assumed our entire road had been left out) we finally found out that others in the road ARE getting that stuff. So we contacted the OptOut people and discovered that they had wrongly opted US out when it should have been someone else in our road. Amazing! (or perhaps not!)Our name is very uncommon & we've lived here for ever, so if it can happen to us it can happen to anyone.
And no, you can't check this on their On-line system; write to Door-to-door opt-outs,Royal Mail,
Kingsmead House,Oxpens Road,OXFORD,OX1 1RX

  spuds 15:45 15 Nov 2009

I have tried a number of opt-out things in my life, but generally find that most do not come up to expectations or run their course.

As our postie gets incentive payments for delivering junk mail, then thats okay with me. I only wish the spam in the email box was avoidable ;o)

  morddwyd 19:16 15 Nov 2009

Spuds raises a good point.

If you like your postie and get on with him/her then remember if you opt out his kids' presents and holidays will suffer as they get paid for delivering junk mail.

  tullie 21:56 15 Nov 2009

The royal mail gets paid for delivering junk mail,not the postman

  morddwyd 07:39 16 Nov 2009

No, the posties get extra for the number of junk items they deliver

  spuds 14:24 16 Nov 2009

You are correct in stating that the Royal Mail gets paid for delivering junk mail, but at the same time this is classed as extra duties for the postperson, and as such they receive extra payments and incentives for deliveries.

  anchor 14:37 16 Nov 2009

I recall reading some time ago that the postman gets 1.5p for each piece of junk mail he delivers.

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