Magenta denying product is faulty

  digitalhen 11:14 25 Nov 2005

Hey guys,

Basically I'm having a problem with Magenta Solutions (click here). I bought a ZyXEL router from them, and found pretty quickly that it had problems with wireless, random reboots and UPnP. I reported this to them the next working day and returned it.

However, they've now received it and 'tested' it, and are denying there's a problem. Their report was going on about because of using multiple WiFi frequencies to provide a high (125Mbps) bandwidth, it was liable to interference. This just isn't true - the TI chipset it uses implements different packet based techniques to provide the supposed high speed.

Being a cynic, I got the unit checked out by a Cisco qualified network engineer before I sent it back and he backed up my claims, and I documented the issues on video too. I've sent them the report.

They've since said that they'll accept it under Distance Selling Regs, but without refunding postage either way, and they want to take 1.8% to cover credit card fees. I think this is a raw deal as the unit is clearly faulty.

Just wondering where I stand? The router was around £70.


  spuds 12:40 25 Nov 2005

When did you purchase the product, as you have stronger consumer rights within the first six months. Contact click here for further advice.

  digitalhen 13:17 25 Nov 2005

Last week (Wednesday, delivered Friday), RMA'd this Monday, posted it this Wednesday.

  Forum Editor 15:39 25 Nov 2005

or it may not, depending on who is right. The supplier says there's no fault, and you say there is. The fact that you have a network engineer's opinion that coincides with yours doesn't constitute conclusive proof, and if you really want to make an issue of this with the supplier you'll have to resort to an arbitrator - someone who will be accepted by you both as a person whose word may be relied on.

Otherwise you'll have to accept the offer and swallow the condition about no postage refund and the credit card payment surcharge, irritating as it may be. You might say "..the unit is clearly faulty", and indeed it might be, but on the evidence you don't have any conclusive evidence of it.

  Totally-braindead 15:51 25 Nov 2005

I can appreciate you're upset. I would be too. I've had some problems with companies and faulty items and think its easier to vote with your feet and go elsewhere rather than get in a tangle with them for a few quid.

  digitalhen 15:57 25 Nov 2005

It's this kind of think that'll put me off from buying from small traders ever again. Before this happened, I was considering putting in an order with them for more stuff...!

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